Sunday, January 3, 2010

The "S" word

Today I thought I would dig into the "archives" and pull out this little number. In case I haven't been clear enough on how I feel about the white stuff, this should answer any questions you may have.

The s### word may not be what you think it is.  In our family, we try not to 
say THAT word either, but when we say the "s" word, we are referring to...I don't even want to say it, so I'll whisper it....s....n....o....w.  We are not fans of the white stuff.  It's hard to say which family member detests it the most.  As a cute little girl, I didn't really think too much about how I felt about it.  I spent my share of winters playing out in it.  I used to pretend that someone was following me, and devise ways to trick "them" by going backwards in my own tracks.  This kept me entertained for awhile, until I noticed how eerily quite it was outside, then I would get so paranoid that I hurriedly ran inside to get away from "them" before "they" got me.  But, I digress.

After I met and married Hubby, I soon realized that I had never known anyone to hate winter as much as he did, and continues to do so.  Soon, I found myself wondering how anyone in the world could ever like snow.  That is not to say that looking outside at newly fallen snow is not beautiful.  But, our family only enjoys it from the inside looking out.  And s### only looks pretty on the first initial s###-fall, after that, it gets slushy, icy, gray, black, yellow.  And, depending on how much falls, we end up with mountains and mountains of it that don't melt until April. Yuck.

But, probably the things we hate more than the white stuff are the cold temperatures, freezing, blowing winds, and icy conditions that accompany it.  In short, we all hate (and I can't think of a stronger word) HHHHATE to be cold!  Someone said once that we just need to find a sport to enjoy.  Are you kidding?  S### sports?  Number one, that requires being OUT in the stuff, and most sports that I can think of require some kind of speed.  Okay, let me get this straight...outside, already freezing, and now I'm supposed to do something that requires speed, which to my way of thinking translates to being even colder.  No thank you.  I have a hard enough time staying warm INSIDE.  We have piles of blankets spread out on the couch, so that there is, at the very least, one blanket per person. I can usually be found with a scarf around my neck, sometimes wearing my robe over my clothes, to keep me warm,until a Hot Flash kicks in! By the time I get everything off, to cool off, I get cold, and have to start the dressing process all over again! Then I get hot.... oh boy, you get the picture. But, here I am digressing, again.

I don't really know who in our family wins the award for hating s### the most.  If each person was asked, they would all claim that no one hates s### more than they do.  I would give the honor to Hubby, just because he has hated it the longest.  Two (now, it's three) years ago, we sold our business and moved to North Carolina, intending to be finished with winter forever.  Ironically, we left Ohio in a snow s### storm, and for reasons unforeseeable at the time, moved back to Ohio a year later in another s### storm, effectively never missing an Ohio winter.  Oldest Son was smart.  He went to college in Tennessee, and never came back.  He loves to rub it in when he has sunshine and warm weather, and we are still bundled up.  Middle Son is in Ohio and tolerates the cold. Daughter (who also blogs: Cheap Therapy) has moved the most and the furthest, to get away from the frigid temperatures and white stuff.  She lived in Nashville for a year, discovered it wasn't warm enough there, then moved to Miami.  (But, now she's back in Ohio, freezing with us.) We're even teaching our Granddaughter to hate the stuff.  When she was only one, we showed her a picture of (s--n--o--w), and we would say, s###--YUCK.  Soon, she was saying it on her own. We're so proud of her!

So there is a little insight of how one family feels about winter. Too bad I have written it down, because this is something I would like to forget by tomorrow!


  1. I spent six awful winters in Utah before moving back to Southern California. I think it was about 75 degrees today. Drove with the windows down. I can't imagine moving anywhere with winter ever again.

  2. Don't brag Karen...hearing things like that makes the Thompson clan hate people like you!

    Mom, I hate cold the worst. I should get an award for my hatred of Ohio and cold.

  3. You people and you're "We hate snow"

    Being an Australian I would kill for some snow. As long as I didn't have to drive in it. And as long as it wasn't too cold outside. And not horrible icey stuff, but like.. cutesy snow that you see in cartoons.

    Is that too much to ask for?

  4. Coming by from your daughter's place. Welcome!
    Now, about this snow hating thing. Around here, we get precious little snow. And the old people complain incessantly. So, I have vowed to love it forever!

  5. Thanks for stopping by, all you people who love snow and (coincidentally?) live in warm climates. Snow can be quite beautiful, but unfortunately, it is usually accompanied by freezing winds, freezing temperatures, and freezing ice. Brrrrr.

    Jennee, you get the award for moving the furthest south to get away from it,but, your Dad still gets the award for hating it the longest.


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