Friday, January 1, 2010

Saurkraut and Resolutions

First things first.  I am so impressed that I found my own blogging page without any help. Maybe saying this out loud would embarrass certain people, but since no one else is reading this, (except for maybe one person--you know who you are) I'll say it anyway. (I know you're impressed that I'm actually writing, aren't you?)

So, it's the first day of the new year. I'm the early bird, awake at 8:00. Hubby and daughter are still sleeping--lucky ducks.  I have a crock pot full of saurkraut, that will, hopefully, be ready for the noon meal. Since I have only recently become a fan of saurkraut, I don't really know how to fix it other than to just dump it in the crock pot.  This is not the tasteless, prepackaged version, but homemade by the local market, and already deemed fantastic by Hubby, so my philosophy is why mess with perfection?  (How crazy is it that I have just written an entire paragraph on saurkraut?  And, according to "spell check" is misspelled, but since I can't find the spell check button, it will have to remain misspelled, because I am too lazy to look it up the old fashioned way.)

On the age old question of resolutions--yes or no?  I say no.  Here are my reasons: 1) I used to go to a lot of trouble, every year, and really think it out, but I always ended up with the same ones:  Lose weight (not again!!), and read the Bible everyday.  (The rest I can't remember, but I always had at least 10! The other eight probably had to do with making my body into perfection. Yes, I am that shallow.) I still need to lose weight, and my body is far from perfect, but now, I don't care anymore. I still don't read the Bible everyday, but I'm doing much better than in the earlier years.  2) After tomorrow, I wouldn't remember what they were. Write them down, you say?  That's just one more piece of paper I'd have to look for.  3) See reason #2.

Well, this concludes my Very First Blog. Hubby is awake, daughter is still sleeping, and I need to check on my saurkraut.  Good thing I have written this down, because by tomorrow, I will have forgotten it!


  1. Mother. I am impressed but not at the atrocious smell of sauerkraut, but at the fact that you wrote your very first blog...all by yourself! Hopefully you can remember again tomorrow!

    Now, let's find you some followers.

  2. *all I was missing was the "e" in sauErkraut.


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