Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sophie comes for a visit Part Two

So, after playing peek-a-boo with Sophie for about thirty minutes, she finally dozed off sometime after 10 p.m.  Or, maybe I dozed off first.  (I can't remember.)

I should also mention that Hubby and I rearranged our blankets so our heads would be at the foot of the bed.  We had an air mattress bed for her that we butted up to our bed so we could be head to head with her.  She laid in "her" bed for about five seconds, then said she wanted to sleep in our bed.  I have three pillows on the bed, and she immediately laid claim to the middle pillow saying that was her pillow, and it was just the right size for her.  And that is where she slept for the entire week.  Luckily we have a king-size bed, so there was plenty of room.

You might think that after such a big day for a little girl, she would sleep late into the morning. (And by late, I mean 8:00.) But, that was not the case.  Dark and early at 6:00 we awoke to the sweet sound of a tired little voice saying, "Grammy".  "Pappy".  We just groaned and said, "What time is it?"  Shortly after that, the tired voice was awake and ready for us to "get up".  We groaned a little more, then got up.

The past few times we have been with her, I have let her help me fix breakfast.  She remembered that, and immediately started pushing the chair from the table to the stove.  We make "yellow eggies" (scrambled eggs), and she throws in the cheese.  She also helps me make coffee by grinding up the coffee beans.  She also only helps to make the food, and rarely eats the food. (Unless we're making chocolate chips cookies, and then she wants to eat the dough. And who can blame her?)

Not only did she waste no time in claiming our bed, she also claimed Hubby's chair.  His kitchen chair is a former office chair, and to Sophie it looked like a dentist chair.  Apparently, she has good memories of dentist visits, so she always sat in the "dentist chair", and from time to time, we had to play dentist, using the (unused) attachments from out water pick..

After breakfast, it was non-stop movement till lunch.  But, of course, she "wasn't hungry", so I had a very short lunch break.  Just enough time to catch my breath until supper time. That was the routine of my week  We played whatever her 3 1/2 year old imagination could come up with.  We played "puppies", dress up, going on an adventure, which consisted of putting the car seat on the couch, buckling in her stuffed animals, "driving" for 10 seconds, unbuckling her animals, then it was time to "go home", which reversed the entire process. We ran and chased and tickled and tickled and belly danced. We also played "Monsters vs. Aliens", which just consisted in her re-naming us.  Sophie was Susan aka Ginormica, Hubby was Missing Link, and I was B.O.B.  All you really need to know about that is that B.O.B. has no brain! (But, it turns out you don't need one!)

Sophie speaks quite well, but she does have a few Sophie-isms.  She wanted to watch a "Disney Closet Movie"  aka Disney Classic Movie.  Ohio Steak aka Ohio State.  She does a very good job with the arm spelling of O - H - I - O. We're very proud of her!  And the best one is Uncle A-Lee aka ukelele.

All in all it was a very exhausting week, but we wouldn't have passed it up for anything!  When her other grandpa came to take her back home, she was just as happy to see him as she was to see us. We barely got good-bye kisses or hugs.  I'm glad she can make the transition so easily, but, if she would have shown us a teeny-tiny bit of sadness in leaving us, we would have been a little bit happier.

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