Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Raising the White Flag

Well, I'm back from another unintended break, but only temporarily. In fact, just long enough to say, I'm gonna have to take a little break. I didn't want to, but since I haven't been blogging much, I decided to make it official. Hence, the raising of the white flag. I surrender. Oh, how I hate saying that! 

But, before I surrender, you may be wondering what I have been up to. Well, last week, during the hottest week of the summer (so far), Hubby and I were up on a rooftop. A two-story high, steep roof. Not a fun place to be. He spent most of the time on the roof, while I sprinted gingerly climbed the ladder carrying a myriad of supplies that were needed. While I was climbing the ladder I wondered which was worse, to make 1000 trips up and down, or to be perched up on the top of a steep roof. But, when I was perched on top of the steep roof, I decided that I would much rather be drudging up and down the ladder. My job was to cut the shingles to size to make the process go faster. I'm getting really good at it. We should be able to really fly when we do our roof this next week! After that roof job, our single story roof job will seem like a piece of cake!

And speaking of cake, (wasn't that a nice transition?) this is what I am going to attempt to make for the 4th of July:

I found this on Pinterest. I'll let you know how successful or unsuccessful my attempt was. I'm hoping it slightly resembles the flag, but we'll see. 

Son, JT, and Sweetie Pie will be arriving on Saturday. Between now and Saturday I have to get ready for a yard sale (Wednesday thru Friday),and get the house cleaned. What the heck am I thinking??? Well, it must be done, otherwise there is no place for Sweetie Pie and Son to sleep, because all of our yard sale junk treasures are being stored in the "living room". 

I'm not even going to discuss the garden! Sigh Everywhere I look there is work and more work to do. Next year, HOPEFULLY, we won't be so overwhelmed.

I've also be editing two books, not mine - are you crazy? Amazing Daughter is getting ready to publish her first book. I'm so excited for her. Her dream is coming true. 

Also, one of my SILs has written a book. She passed a copy (rough draft) out to all the family members to read, to get everyone's opinion. I'm having a hard time reading it without being in "edit mode". She assured us that she wants honest opinions. So, she will either hate Amazing Daughter and I, or love us. But, when someone says, "Give me your honest opinion", and you do, you discover they really didn't want honesty. And, bye-bye friendship. I like her story, but...what do I say now? Let's say it needs more development.  I hope it doesn't make me sound judgemental, because I could never begin to write a book.

I'm reading another book, no editing needed! Remember that little contest a few weeks ago over at Craziness Abounds? Well, I won first place, by default. The first place winner already had her book, so she graciously said someone else could have it. I came in second place, so I recieved not only the just released book, "More Nonsense", but also the first book, "Just Nonsense", by my wonderful friend, Melynda Fluery. And, they are great, entertaining books. I'm loving them. You can get your copy by clicking on the book at the top of my    blog.

Well, it is time for me to start carrying stuff out of the basement and out of the living room to get ready for the yard sale tomorrow. Hubby is busy scraping off shingles as I type this, so I will be setting up the yard sale by myself. At least I'll be on the ground!

I am missing you all, my bloggy friends, and hope to be back to visit you come mid-(or late-) July. To all my American friends, have a wonderful Independence Day, and celebrate by reading the "Declaration of Independence".

Oh, in case you are wondering, we now have a full and functioning bathroom! YAY! Pictures will be forthcoming when I return!

I hate to say good-by, so I'm dragging it out. I do the same thing when I'm talking on the phone. It drives my kids crazy. Finally, they will tell me, "Are you going to say good-bye or not? You said your first good-bye 30 minutes ago!" 

OHH-KAAAY! Ta-ta for now. Talk to you again in a few weeks! 


  1. Maybe you will post more in the winter. Be careful up on the roof, that is scary stuff! So you have a family of authors, very cool! And I hope you stay cool!

  2. I was so excited to see that you had posted and visited today! Then you break my heart... Kidding. You have to do what you have to do my friend. Let me know when you are back. Thanks for the mention. I hope you are enjoying your books and if you ever get a chance let me know when you do the reviews. Thank you so much. Have a great summer or however long you are going to be gone.

  3. Dear Darlene, wow! your leg muscles are really getting a work out. You are going to be in shape--fit and trim--when all this is over! I look forward to your regular posting as we get toward August. But take all the time you need, all of us who follow you will still be here. Peace.

  4. That is one cool cake! Looks tricky though. Good luck!

  5. Whoa! This blows my mind. i wonder how the baker did that. Quite complicated job eh?!
    Ed Butowsky


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