Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hello my dear bloggy friends, and Happy August! I had hoped to be back before now, but things in our life seldom go as planned.

Let's take this morning as a little example. The morning got off to a good start. We arose by 7:00. I fixed Hubby some coffee and a nice breakfast, which we ate at a leisurely pace. He then went into his office to do his office stuff and prepared to do a small gutter repair job. I strolled out to the garden to pick beans and tomatoes, with plans to freeze the beans today. While picking the tomatoes, I noticed a peculiar sight - it kinda looked like a small cow patty, but I knew it wasn't since I hadn't seen any cows roaming in our garden. (Brilliant deduction on my part.) However, upon closer inspection, I realized it was a tiny nest with three baby birds, still alive. I immediately looked around to make sure my kitties were not close by, since they like to follow me out to the garden.

I picked the cherry tomatoes and some plum/Roma tomatoes, all of which have rotten bottoms! (Any of you gardeners know what causes that? The drought, perhaps?) 

I had moved on to the beans when Amazing Daughter called to say the jewelry store where she works was broken into during the night. (Second time in two weeks! They didn't get anything, but broke the show window and the showcase.)

Then Hubby came out to say good-bye; he was on his was to do the repair job and would be back in a couple hours. I said I'd be working on the beans, and we walked back to the house together just talking about how much we loved being where we are, and how we wanted life to just slow down some so we could enjoy our little five acres, blah blah blah.

Fifteen minutes later my cell phone rings and it's Honey Bun aka Hubby. He said, "Go to the garage and find the big chain."

Like a good wife, that's what I do. "OK, I found it."

"Now go and put it in the red truck and bring it out to me. I'm broke down."

My thoughts went in two directions. You mean the truck that we just got fixed for the third time is broken down? "WHAT!?! I have to drive the red truck?"  - The non-automatic 5-speed truck which you promised that I would never have to drive, and let me remind you I haven't driven a 4-speed for 30 years - that truck?? That's not what I said, but that's what was going through my panicking mind. I started hyperventailiting!

He was very understanding. "Well, you sure can't pull this truck with the car!"

"O.K. I have to go puke right now. I need to take a few practice rounds around the yard before I go out on the road. How can I get to you without having to stop on any hills?"  I have a lot of fears when it comes to driving. So, he gives me directions about taking the highway to prevent going through town. (I have a lot of fears about highway driving, too! I'm just one big mass of scaredy.) As he is giving me directions, I'm trying to picture the proper exit in my mind, and it takes him several explanations until I can clearly see where I have to go. In the meantime, I'm taking deep breaths, telling myself that I can do this. I'm trying to put on my big-girl panties, even though they may be soiled in mere minutes. After we hang up, and I have gathered up my meager amount of courage, I realize I don't have a key to the truck. Ahh yes, there is a God! Thank you, God. I may live to write another blog!

So, I call Hubby to tell him this unfortunate news while trying to act disappointed. My call goes to his voicemail, so I take this as a sign that he is making other arrangements. I was right! He contacted a friend with a big truck to do the hauling, I just had to bring over the chain in the car. 

I make my way into town, drop off the chain, then follow Hubby and our dear, wonderful friend, to the mechanic. When we get to the mechanic, he says it could either be the fuel pump or a module - whatever the heck that is. The module will only take an hour or so to fix, the fuel pump will take days, since he doesn't have the part. Hubby and I both decided it would be the fuel pump!

After sitting at the mechanics for 30 minutes, Hubby told me to just go on home, he would be there awhile, and would call if I needed to come back and get him. 

So, I left. Within two minutes my phone rings. I'm trying to blindly find the thing, fishing through the vast area of my purse, while keeping my eyes on the road. Just before I turn left to go home, I answer the phone, and it's Honey Bun. 

"Hey", he says, "why don't you stop by the car dealer - I think they work on Mercury's - and see if you can get the code for the door opener."  I'm a little confused about what he's talking about, but try to hide it - that never goes well! -  Finally, it clicks. Our car has keyless entry, but we need the factory code in order to set it. So, I turn right, essentially going around the block, and make my way to the car dealer. I see that they do not have "Mercury" listed on cars they deal with - but we have been there for work on our Chrysler. 

So, now I have to go in and talk to the guy behind the desk. When I left the house two hours earlier, in a bit of a hurry, I had been out in the garden, in clothes that I would not normally been seen out in public wearing. And now, I had to get out of the car and walk into the car dealership. Much to my dismay, he said, "No, we don't work on Mercury's." When I asked who does, he pointed in the direction I had just come. So, back into my car I get, head back in the same direction I came from, and pulled into that car dealership. Get back out of the car, wearing my hillbilly gardening outfit.  Why, yes, they do work on Mercury's, and to get the factory code, they would need to hook up to the computer blah blah..$47.50. I did not have $47.50 on me, so I told them I'd take a rain-check. 

As I'm pulling out of that car dealership, Hubby calls me again, to stop by the mechanic because he may be able to find the code somewhere in the car. I had been giving him  play-by-play phone calls along the way. I told him I was starting to feel like a yo-yo! Back at the mechanic's, he searched high and low, inside and outside for the darn code. It was not to be found anywhere. 

I was finally sent on my way home. Our broken-down truck would be fixed soon, and Hubby would be on his way to fix that poor woman's gutters. What a morning! 

I immediately sat down at the computer to write this story, and now, two hours later - this computer is possessed by an evil computer demon - I have not gotten one bean ready to freeze! But, that is next on the agenda as soon as this blog has been posted! 

I hope to get back to regular posting, and visiting you all! 

Until next time,  


  1. Oh how I've missed your adventures!

    I've had days like that too. And they always leave me feeling totally overwhelmed and frustrated.

  2. Ahhhhh... what a day, what a day. I'm exhausted from my adventures...and even more, reading about yours.

    p.s., I'm very impressed with your photography!

  3. Hey, Kiddo! I had to go back a few blogs to see how the house was turning out. Looks like you have it whipped!

    However, I manly want to thank you for your many...many lovely comment and let you know:
    After two years of blogging I am about to call it quits. Most of the stuff I have posted this year was written before my dad died. I can't seem to come up with new stories. If I do I will start up again.

    Now that I am no longer need to care for him I have had to find a way to cycle myself back into the life outside of these walls. I have gradually dipped my toes into that world and find that I am too busy to write. But, more importantly, I find that I am too busy to continue a relationship with all of you bloggers out there. I hate not commenting regularly!

    Although it was you guys that literally got me through these last two years it seems so rude of me to not get around to reading and encouraging you, like you did me. I hope to remedy that soon. When school starts I plan to get pack to substituting, and with that, back to a regular schedule of some sort. That schedule will include a time to re-enter the blogging sphere to keep up with my many mentor's antics.

    I am sending this to each of you as I want to thank you for your friendship and kindness.

  4. Will you forget LEVELOIN 10?
    How about DSOURRRE 3?
    And then there's DEPARLIN 60.
    Will you ever, ever forget that?

  5. How could Darlene forget KT?

  6. Dear Darlene, yes, this is just how life is. What comes to mind is some old saying that goes something like this, "On the way to the store, life happened." It certainly did for you today. Peace.

  7. Hey woman! Ok so the bottom of your tomatoes are burning They are getting hit by water either when they are too hot or right before they get hot. So if you are watering during the day make sure you hit just the bottom of the plant by the ground to avoid that.
    I know weird. They will also split when this happens. The other thing to look for is tomato spiders. If you plant marigold around them it chases the spiders away. As for the rest of your post... Nice to know I'm not the only one that has crazy days. :)

  8. You need a break!!! What a day you had! Hope things get better soon.
    Blessings, Joanne


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