Thursday, June 7, 2012

Discombobulated Again

Dontcha just love that word? It is such a fun word to say, and describes my mental state quite well.

Just thought I'd give you a little tour around the place, and you will understand my discombobulation. We are still in disarray from moving (back in February! sigh) but we are making great progress. With every move we've made (hey, isn't that a song?) Hubby and I have always done some kind of remodeling and tweaking. And, with every remodel and tweak, we've said, "The next time we do this, we are NOT going to live in it while we are 'tweaking'." ROFLMBO!! That has never happened. Ever. 

So, here we are, again, living under construction. And, to make matters just a smidgen worse, we are also trying to get the outside in order. So, if it rains, we work inside, if the sun is shining, we work outside. 

This little picture is hanging in our hallway. It's rather appropriate for us at this time. It was made by my artsy-fartsy creative daughter

Oh. One more thing. You can only visit if you promise not to judge us as pigs living in squalor, (even though it might look like it.) (Is this small print hard on your eyes? Because I can hardly see what I'm typing!)

Did you solemnly swear? OK. You can come in.
But first, here what the house looked like when we bought it. It had been empty for 18 months or so and needed some TLC.

The fields were also in very tough shape.

 This is the dining room going into the living room.

Now, everything is painted, but it still looks a bit (ok, a lot) like a storage garage. 

This is the sight that greats you as you walk through the front door. Garage sale collections - except for the flag. We're waiting to get the house painted before we hang up the flag.
 Then you work your way in through the narrow pathway
Now, if you turn around, you will see another view of the living room/storage for the bathroom/storage for the garage sale stuff. Back on the far wall is a queen size mattress, waiting for a new home or to be dragged out to the trash. Continuing clockwise is our new toilet - can't wait for that to be installed. Then the couch that no one sits in, because #1 - the TV died, and #2 - why would you want to sit and look at the bathroom furnishings? And, then we have the bathroom cabinet. Very comfy, huh?

Behind the cabinet, more garage sale junk amazing one-of-a-kind items. Where do you put all that stuff to get rid of? The garage? Nope. Ours is full of man stuff.
 This is the dining room, (I use the term loosely) with all the tile for the bathroom threatening to takeover the hallway.

And, here is a collection of tools on what some people might call a dining table. If you look carefully, you will notice a small arrangement of sunflowers in the midst of chaos. At one time, for a brief moment, this piece of furniture was actually used as a dining room table. Weird, huh?

Another picture of our almost finished kitchen, just to show that I do have a place that is clean!

 Ahhh, let's move outside and get a breath of fresh air, shall we? This is the view from my kitchen window, with one of our redbud trees in the background.

 I transplanted some of the wild raspberry bushes (far left) from our last place. They are doing quite nicely and are loaded with lots of berries. In the center, we're planting 10 blackberry bushes (said to produce 1-2 bushels per bush!), and to the right is our garden/weed patch. We started planting at both ends, working toward the middle. Don't ask me why.

 Another view of our garden. The green parts are weeds, 90% of which are thistles! The other 10% is some kind of vile weed with a root system that reaches to China.
So, we have been quite busy the past few months. And, still have a lot more work to do. Hopefully, by the time the snow flies, we can take a breather and relax.


  1. Love what you've done with the all looks amazing. Annnnnd you are still light years ahead of me as we are still bathroom/master bedroom less. Love the new kitchen sink, I've got a yearning for one of those myself!
    Keep on keeping on and just remember you're always ten steps ahead of me!

  2. Dear Darlene, thanks for the tour. It so reminded me of when I moved into this house exactly three years ago yesterday. All was organized chaos for four months. I didn't do anything with the yard, however, until the the inside of the house was done. So I admire the grit and determine you and your husband are displaying! Peace.

  3. My mother used the word 'discombobulated' all the time! She also always said that you have to make a bigger mess before you get it all sorted out. :) You might have a bit of a mess now but I can see where it's going to be such a cozy, inviting home soon! Thank you so much for sharing info on the kitchen sink! Now, if I can just get the husband motivated...

  4. It's coming together nicely if you ask me! You have some serious land! Wow. Now answer my email and tell me if you want my book. lol you get second place in contest and since first place is already getting the book for another contest she is offering it to you. Yeah!

  5. You are getting a lot done! We always have to tear up in order to neaten up. I love your wonderful kitchen! Now go and out that toilet in!!!

  6. what, no one commented about my art? lol what a pig sty ya'll live in.....

  7. I think you guys are still doing great after all of the work that you've had to do and you haven't always been home either. Keep it up, just one bite at a time.

  8. Dearest Darlene,
    Oh, I wondered what discombobulation means, lol
    To tell the truth, I never moved after I moved the house here from my parents' when married 34 yers ago. (haha, it must be a bit rare)
    So, I just have to guess how hard it must be. but I wish I had spacious place and nature like yours♡♡♡

    Hope you are not working too hard and take care of yourself, my friend.

    Love you alwaysfrom east, xoxo Miyako*

  9. I love that word too! Fun! Sorry to hear you're still unpacking! I hate being in that sort of state which could explain why we've lived in only two houses in the last 25 years. Mr A would say that your place has potential. It's a word that still makes me shudder because it means that he means lots of DIY work!

  10. After living in the same house for 60 years, my husband hog tied me and moved me to Florida. It was the FIRST TIME I had ever moved!!! I was in such a panic that I DID NOT STOP unloading boxes until everything was in its place. It was mostly anxiety and paranoia that I would NEVER get it done...

  11. These are nice photos. I really enjoyed reading this post.


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