Monday, June 4, 2012

Contest begins today

My good and crazy friend is having a contest today. The prize is a copy of her book. Just glance over to the right, and you will see a picture of her book.

The contest is of other crazy-loving people, being crazy while reading her book. Alas, I do not have her book...yet. But I do have a crazy picture. I'm wearing a purple hat and holding a knife. That's all I'm going to say. The competition is fierce. Cute kids. Cute animals. A woman wearing Depends. Heroes. Then there's little ol' me. So, pop over there, and by "there" I mean here. And, vote for #4 - if that's the one with the purple hat and knife weilding goof-ball. (The last time I was in a contest, I gave the wrong number.)

Voting is today and Tuesday. Hope to see you there!


  1. lol I fixed the number 3 problem so you are now number three! Come on people! Vote for your favorite (we all know who that is! She already threatened her kid into voting for her!)

  2. Come on people go vote for Darlene, heck she is even actually cooking in her new kitchen. You know that is worth a lot of votes. I tried to give her five votes but I am not sure if they all count, so please, please, go help me get her even more votes.

    God bless.


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