Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Squirrels - Bah!

Hubby and I have a bird feeder. I've heard that you know you're old when you start watching birds. We do enjoy watching the birds. We especially enjoy the colorful ones, like the cardinals aka Ohio State birds. Squirrel! (That's code for: I'm suddenly veering away from my topic and am going another direction.) The cardinal is the official State Bird for Ohio. We are also fans of Ohio State University, who's colors are scarlet and gray. We are trying to brainwash encourage our granddaughter to love Ohio State University. She lives in Michigan. (OSU and Michigan are bitter rivals.)  I am also trying to teach her the names of birds. So, one day I told her that the cardinal is Ohio's  State bird. But she calls it the Ohio State Bird, like it's Ohio State University's bird.  

O.K. Back to the original story...
The thing that keeps us from enjoying our birds are those doggone squirrels. Now, I know, squirrels can be cute and fun to watch as they frollic around. However...my squirrels are not frollicking. They make a bee-line to our bird feeder. And, I wouldn't even mind it if they just stopped for a little snack. But, they don't. They park themselves on the birdfeeder and eat non-stop until they have cleaned us out! 

I get very irritated. I knock on the window. I yell at them. I hiss at them. I make quite a fool of myself as I try to get them off the birdfeeder.

There is one squirrel who is very determined and persistent. It doesn't matter how many times I try to scare him away, he keeps coming back. Lately, he has become very bold, and will even give me the stare down. He mocks me.

And, for your possible enjoyment, here is a short video of my big, fat, squirrel!

So far, he is winning the battle! But, the war is not over!


  1. Thats a VERY fat squirrel, much bigger than the little greys we have !

    About two weak's ago I rescued one from a local cat and lifted it up on to the shed roof out of the way. In repayment the little blighter bit me, wow squirrels have a bite like a pair of pliers. I put him safely down and walked away !! now I know where the phrase "once bitten, twice shy" comes from !!


  2. Aw, but they are so cute you have to love them, too! That one has quite some attitude. Love the way he was sizing you up!

  3. I personally don't like squirrels. They're like rats with bushy tails. Anything that has fur that looks like it put leave in conditioner in it is plotting something sinister! ;)

    PS- I like watching birds and I'm not old!

  4. I had the same problem; you what solved it? A DOG! LOL. My max doesn't bother the birds but those squirrels seem to be his sworn enemy! Blessings, Joanne

  5. That is a great picture for the stare down! Stupid fatty squirrel!

  6. I am follower 172 I believe....I hope you reach your goal of 200
    I love your blog.

  7. They are a member of the rat family (as are bunnies by the way) and they can d extensive damage.
    Isn't there a feed that's safe for the birds but deters squirrels?
    Loved the OSU bird story even though I'm no a fan. LOL

  8. Great video and I love your daughter's comment above! LOL!


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