Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Living in "The Attic"

In the Land of Fantasies and Unrealistically Beautiful People, there was a television show called "The Doll House."

Amazing Daughter started watching Season One on Netflix, recently. When she invited me to join her, I thought the plot was too ridiculous to waste my time on. I had more important things to do--like checking my email and deleting the junk, and honing my skills on winning Spider Solitare. I passed on the invite.

But, as she watched, I found myself wandering in and  out of the living room, watching bits and pieces of the show. Then, I found myself sitting in the chair, just to see "what happens next." By the time she was nearly through the season, I was right there with her at the onset of each remaining episode. When she finished the season, I had to go back to the first show to see what I had missed. It turned out to be a pretty good show. Unfortunatelly, it was cancelled after two seasons.

What does this have to do with my title of "Living in The Attic", you ask? If you have seen the show, y ou may know where this is heading. If you haven't seen the show, here's a quick explanation.

The Doll House is run by diabolicle people who control the minds and lives of the volunteers. The volunteers are people who have given up two years of their lives to become a "doll". They sit in a special chair and their minds are wiped clean of their memories and personalities, and then replaced wth the memory of a "super spy", for example, so they have the skills necessary to complete a job for the very rich client, who somehow finds the Doll House, and is willing to pay. (See how crazy this sounds??) When the job has been successfully finished, the Doll returns to the Doll House and sits in the special chair, and the memory of that particular personality is wiped clean. The Doll wakes up, and says, very innocently, "Did I fall asleep?" "Only for a little while." (Oh, Topher! He's so cute.) And, away walks the emotionless, zombie doll, back to their cubicle, until they are needed for another job.

Ocassionally, something goes wrong, and a Doll rebels. (They are able to keep some of their memories, which will obviously cause problems for the Doll House!) When rebellion happens, there is only one place for that Doll to go...The ATTIC!

And, once they are in The Attic, there is no getting out! The Attic is a place where every memory is almost within reach, but never quite attainable. A place where a word is so close to being said, but just can't be brought forth. A place where the mind is tortured.

Oh. My. Gosh. I LIVE IN THE ATTIC!!!!!!!

The only thing that brings me comfort is when I see someone else who is apparently also living in The Attic.

What is THAT word??? (Accompained by a pounding of the head!)

"I'm sorry. I've forgotten your name." (Yes, I know that I've known you for years, but your name has just left my head!)


If you are also living in The Attic, would you like to join me for a cup of coffee sometime?

Hold on. I just thought of a wittier ending...wait. Wait.... now, how was that???? What's the word??? Sorry, it just left me! ARRRRRGGGGGGGG!!!


  1. I'm sad to say, you are not alone in the attic. I forget just about everything, especially right before I need to do/say/write it. Sad I know. Wait a minute, does this mean that I really might be a super spy in an alternate life???

  2. I'm sorry, what was the question? Coffee. Now!

  3. You aren't alone in the attic. We had coffee yesterday or maybe not. Maybe it wasn't even you --- or me. *sigh*

  4. haha I like all the comments so far. Your followers are so witty!

    I heart Victor.

  5. I think the attic is my vacation home, because I've most certainly been there!
    This is an interesting plot - I've never heard of anything like it before!

  6. Hello this is Hubby from (with some help from Facing 50). What a fine blog you have here. F50 should raise her standards.
    I have 'tagged' you today and hope you can play.
    Nice to visit you here. I hadn't realised these blogs were such professional affairs.
    Hubby and Facing50

  7. You play spider solitaire too! That game has eaten up sooo much of my time. One day I'll delete it, but not just yet. What's more, I am definitely in that Attic with you... but I can't quite remember why!

  8. Is that where I have been living since I turned forty???Now it all makes sense.....wait what was I talking about? Blessings, Joanne

  9. I've never seen this show, but it sounds interesting.

    I'm already forgetting things all the time. It's awful.

  10. I'm glad you told me it was cancelled. Now I won't start watching it, only to get pissed off that it was cancelled mid story!

    I love attics, but not in this case!

  11. I will probably have to Netflix this as well. We are almost done with Angel so this will fit nicely. I think once I hit 40, I moved into the attic. Total bummer.

    I dropped by from Over 40 Follow Friday. I hope you can stop by too.

  12. Isn't that yet another show that was canceled.. ugh, sucks when you get into a show... when I think of the Attic, it reminds me of that movie Flowers in the Attic where the grandma tries to get the kids to eat brownies with poison on top looking like powdered sugar.... My memory is crap though.. hah.

  13. As soon as I saw the title of this post, I knew wxactly where you were going with it.

    I am that security chief guy who went to the attic and was brought back out. Because I definitely spend time there, but I get let out once in awhile.

  14. Oh, I definitely spend a lot of time in the attic. I thiink I'm glad I didn't know about that show, I would be worried about what I might be doing when I think I'm just taking a nap.


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