Monday, May 16, 2011

Project 52 Week 20

Monday, Monday! So good to me... Only Monday is not that good to me today. My computer got sick last night and had to go to computer hospital.  Should have it back by tomorrow, if all goes well.  So, in the meantime, I'm using Amazing Daughter's laptop. I didn't think it would be that much different from mine, but, I'm having my own set of problems. I would try to explain my problems, but that would cause you to shake your head in unbelief at my stupidity.  I can hear my sweet daughter now. Looking at me with pathetic sympathy, ...(I can't find the quotation key....oh there it is...guess I should put on  my glasses, see what I mean?)  She would say, "Oh Mom, it's a good thing you're pretty..."  It's the northern version of "Bless your heart".

SO, today is  Project 52! Last week I was riddled with ADD, but, in spite of that, I did manage to cross off two projects. 

#30 - My garden is in. Technically, my goal was to have a well thought-out plan, and a very organized garden.  I did not plant in nice, straight rows. It may look more like a patchwork quilt when everything starts growing. It seemed like a good idea at the time to  make some rows go lengthwise and some rows go widthwise.  My FIL would roll over in his grave if he saw what I did to my poor garden. 

Here's a little story about my FIL. Every year when the family gets together for Thanksgiving, the afternoon is spent playing Euchre tournaments. It's very serious business. I was always too intimidated to play, but I watched a lot, so I kind of knew how to play. One year, all the guys wanted to play some basketball before the Euchre tournaments began. Poor FIL was stuck with all the women. He finally resigned himself to play some Euchre with the women.  He was unfortunate enough to have me as his partner.  Things were going fairly well, we had a few points. We weren't getting slaughtered. I was starting to gain a little confidence.  We played a few more rounds, when suddenly, he shook his head and said, 'Darlene, I just can't figure out your strategy!" I said, "That's because I don't have one!"  He knew we were beat.

That's how I feel about my garden this year.  No strategy. But, everything is planted, even though it's not quite in typical fashion.

And, #41 is crossed off. My kitchen is all nice and shiny clean. Note to self: Never EVER have white cupboards or white floor again! Never. White always looks so nice and fresh and clean. But, anything white should always come with a warning sign:"Do Not Be Fooled. White only looks good in magazines, because it's a 27/7 job to keep it looking fresh and clean. Don't be fooled." White is a nasty, nasty color.

Another project is for Hubby and I to get our passports. I now have the forms in my possession. Maybe in the next week or so, they will be filled out. Baby steps. We don't have a planned trip at the moment, so there's not a big rush.

Well, there you have my weekly report.  I hope you are making headway with your list of goals.


  1. Congratulations on a clean kitchen!

    Wanna come help me with mine???

  2. Right now my kitchen makes me say UGH! great post blessings, Joanne

  3. At least you have a garden. My lawn is plain. It still looks like the display home. I'm a new follower from Tuesday Train.

  4. aw, my kitchen is the most difficult room in my home to keep clean.

    you did great! congrats on a clean kitchen!

    betty xx

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed your post, Darlene and I have a daughter just like yours ;)

  6. I just got our saving money to go home to Paris with my oldest.
    I agree. White is nasty!!

  7. Yep - nothing white for me - ever!!!!

    I'm impressed through - you got something crossed off your list - I'm still carrying last month's list.....not a good thing. I thought about getting a passport - not that I'm going anywhere I just figured it was a good thing to do, but that's as far as I got...thinking about it.

    Thanks for joining the Tuesday Train!!!

  8. Passports are essential to anyone's travel plans these days, I feel. I think it also opens up a bit of a sense of adventure because you now have the freedom to do whatever you want; and go wherever you want to.
    But I'll agree on the white kitchen thing- just be thankful for the Magic Eraser.

  9. As soon as I'm done with blog hopping, I'll clean my kitchen, I promise. Great blog, following from the train

  10. I am not sure what Project 52 is. Is it making a list of 52 goals for the year? I make goals every year, spiritual, financial, physical, and career and work at accomplishing them, but certainly 52 of them that would be, yikes, more than I could accomplish I think.

    Sorry to hear about your computer. My desk top went to the Morgue last year. My daughter loaned her spare lap tap, yeah, how does that sound? Spare lap top, like everybody has one. It took me awhile to adjust to a lap top, now I will never go back to a desk top. I need to replace this one before she needs it back.

    I digress, great post!

  11. Cool blog! Hi! Just stopping by. Following you from the Tuesday Train Blog Hop. Would love it if you would LIKE my page: I also have a blog:

  12. Wow, you're quite focused! Even though your garden's not super planned, it's in -- still a bit cold & wet around here...bummer!

  13. Our computer is always getting sick too. Hope it's feeling better!


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