Monday, March 28, 2011

Project 52 - Week 13

This will be a short post today, because I am going to work on #13 - repaint the bathroom. I have the primer on, and am waiting for it to dry! That was exciting new, wasn't it?

I can finally cross off  #9 -finishing my jeans quilt! I will post pictures one more time, and this will be the final time. I put a flannel backing on it, and it is much warmer. Here's a little story about the flannel. I know you're waiting with baited breath....

On my first trip to JoAnn's Fabric, the designed flannel was $6.99/yd. The plain flannel was $2.97/yd. My "Little Saver Ego" kicked in, and told me that the plain would work just as well as the prettier flannel. But, since I did not have the official finished size, I left the store. Last week, when I went to purchase the plain flannel, I discovered that the price for it was $6.99/yd. and the prettier flannel was now $2.97/yd. That made me happy. The design is very subtle, and may in fact, look plain. But, here it is, for the final time:

Ta Da! It's finished!!

In case you wanted to look at it one more time!

Seams are properly fringed. (Easiest way to make a blanket.)

I used dark blue yarn in the darkest squares for the knots.

#43 is completed. My vacuum sweeper is all fixed and ready to go. The problem was easier and cheaper to fix than I expected, thanks to the fact that my sweeper repair man is a good friend!

And, finally, #21 and #32 - hair and make up are completed. But, I'm saving that story for April's letter H. So stay tuned.

I'm now off to finish painting the bathroom. Pictures will be posted, of course!!

I hope you are sticking with your projects, and getting to cross things off your list!


  1. Wow great job! I've never sewn anything except to fix small tears in clothing and here you've done an entire blanket! Good luck with the painting.

  2. Thanks Darlene for the follow and the feedback. I really look forward to following you back :)

  3. Who thought we'd be using that blanket this much for the end of march!?!?!?!

  4. That quilt turned out so great.

    You are rocking this Project 52 thing!

  5. Hello Darlene!

    I wanted to pop over much sooner than I have, but with this week having started off so crazily, I just haven't been able to reach everyone timeously. Apologies!

    Thank you for coming to take a peek at my blog and then liking what you saw enough to decide to join up as a follower! I am thrilled to bits to have you hop on my little this rate, it'll need new tyres but I'll have to save earnestly for a larger upgrade!

    I'm not a seamstress AT ALL! My Mother has always sewn her own clothes and all of ours while we were babies and all the way through to university days. I tried to learn, but was far too impatient. I do, however, admire anyone who can and does! Your quilt looks gorgeous, so well done!

    Now, I see I've missed out on 51 earlier projects...Oh, my! I have some catching up to do! Just please don't tell me you're going to insist I do 52 projects, too...because I have to tell you right now...I heard about a new personality type's the L-type (L as in lazy) and I think that's where I slot in.

    If you want a good laugh, you might want to take a peek at Karen's blog @ to read what her guest blogger has to say about this L-type. She's very funny and still new in Blog Land, so will be delighted with the extra support :)

    I now HAVE to make supper!

  6. Your finished quilt looks wonderful! Good for you! And good for your for getting your vaccuum fixed, for getting your haircut and makeup crossed off your list (can't wait to see it!!!) and for priming the bathroom! I am looking forward to see the finished painted job! Hmmm, I wonder what color you and Jennee chose? I'm looking forward to being surprised! And congrats on all of your energy. Want to come over here and share some of it? (I literally have NO energy at all these days!!)


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