Wednesday, March 16, 2011

April's Challenge

I have decided to take a very bold leap. I am going to participate in A to Z Blogging, hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh. The goal is to blog on every day of April, except Sundays, and go through the alphabet. The blog for April 1 will start with "A", the blog for April 2 will start with "B", etc. This is very risky for me because as you may (or may not) know, I'm lucky to manage three blogs a week.  So, I'm very nervous, yet somewhat optimistic, that I will be able to pull this off. 

I'm also going to be spending the first 10 days of this challenge with my granddaughter, Sweetie Pie. That means that the first 10 days will have to be pre-scheduled, because, well, I'll be pre-occupied. (And, most likely, totally exhausted!)

So, does anyone want to take this challenge with me? Check it out here.


  1. I'm nervous myself. But we can do it if we brain storm together!

  2. Come on you guys. It's going to be a blast. You're going to love it. (I say all this as I break into a cold sweat.)
    See you there.


  3. Oh well done! I shall be back to encourage you...just signed up to follow you. Love the title of your blog.
    Thank you very much for finding me and following. It's great to meet new people in Blogworld.
    I've enjoyed reading your Project 52 list too. By the way just what is a card ministry?

  4. I'm sure you'll take the challenge in your stride, good luck with the power blogging.

  5. All sorts of topics are coming into my mind. I'm getting excited for it and looking forward to a boost in my creativity.

  6. I have great respect for any blogger who takes up these challenges. Good luck!


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