Wednesday, May 20, 2015

This feels a little scary, but I'm going to make another attempt to re-start blogging. The last time I made that statement was in 2013!  Yikes! I'm feeling a little rusty, and know I will have to relearn everything I thought I knew about blogging.  It's a frightening thought. (Especially since my official blog adviser doesn't live here anymore. I will have to actually figure everything out on my own!) Bear with me, please.

So, Hubby and I have recently celebrated 36 years of wedded bliss.  Where did he take me, you ask? To a bar. An out-dated, old bar, out in the middle of nowhere.  Why, for heaven's sake?  Because on Fridays, they have the best "all you can eat" fried fish! And, normally, we don't even like fish.  I suggested on Friday morning that we go out for fish after I got home from work that evening.  He thought it was a good idea. (Secretly, I wanted to see if he would claim it for our anniversary dinner, knowing he would!)  When we arrived, the place was packed.  There were two empty chairs at the bar, so that's where we sat.  When the guy sitting beside Hubby left, he passed over the TV control to Hubby.  After surfing the channels and finding nothing appealing, he found "The Andy Griffith Show", and that's where it stayed.  You won't find that show playing in too many bars!

Halfway through the meal, Hubby said, "By the way, Happy Anniversary!"  And, I said, "I knew you would claim this for our anniversary! Happy Anniversary to you, too!" After we finished eating, we waddled ourselves out to the car, complained about eating too much all the way home, waddled into the house, plopped on the couch, and watched some more episodes of "The Andy Griffith Show" on Netflix. And, who says "romance is dead"?  Not us!

(And I even remembered how to add pictures! woo hoo!)



  1. Hi Darlene. I remember you! So glad to see you again! Some bloggers will just stop, and I never know what has happened to them. I am so glad you are well. So, how are you and where do you work? What a sweet and unusual anniversary! I am glad you showed us a picture, you are a beautiful couple! When I started my blog, back in pre-historic times, I knew NOTHING! But you learn as you go along, and all of us are here to help!

  2. I'm glad that you're doing so well. Happy Anniversary! Looks like you guys have done a tremendous job on your house. Are you still a librarian? Good to hear from your corner of the world again.

  3. Alright...since you decided to start blogging again, I suppose I will start blogging again. Game on! (And maybe I can help you remember how to do a few things and we can take off that old project 52 list...)

  4. I'm still not blogging, but what a delight to see that you are, Darlene! I decided to check up on my dormant blog today, and have been visiting old favourites I used to visit.

    You and your hubby are looking amazing! And you haven't lost your happy smile and sense of humour, which I remember so well. When I last visited, you had moved into your new home and were very busy giving it a facelift. From these pics, it looks as though you've done a lot. It's looking lovely! Clearly, life is treating you well and that's so good to know :)

    Oh, I had to laugh at Jen's mention of your project 52 list! :) I remember the agony and ecstasy of that list!

    And...HAPPY 36th ANNIVERSARY! We celebrated our 37th in December last year.
    I see you've cut your hair shorter and are going grey, very gracefully. I wear my greying hair very short, in a wash 'n wear style and I love it!

    I'll be visiting again, now I know you are out, no slacking, now! You have a readership to cater to ;)

    Big hug xo

    1. Hi Desiree! I'm so happy to hear from you. I was wondering if you started blogging again. Thank you for all the lovely comments. Isn't it great having short, carefree hair...even if it is gray. Hey, that's our wisdom showing, right! We have been plenty busy, so I shouldn't run out of blogging material for a while! lol

      So glad you stopped by, and I'll do my best to keep you entertained! :)

      And, Happy 37 1/2 anniversary!


  5. Holding you that, Darlene! ��

    Can't wait to hear all you've been up to.

    I cannot understand why I coloured my hair to hide the grey and love a no fuss hairstyle!


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