Wednesday, May 27, 2015

In Memory of Betty: The Betty Files: Baby it's Cold Inside

We recently had a week where, it seemed, everybody was dying. (That's a sentence that should bring in the readers!) I kid you not! Every time we turned around, someone that we knew, knew someone who died. Among those who passed, were my mother-in-law, age 88; and a friend, Betty, age 76.  They both had Alzheimer's and had strokes.  They both also were faithful followers of their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  We are comforted knowing that we will indeed see them again one day.

So, in Betty's memory, I have decided to re-post a couple blogs affectionately called "The Betty Files".  This is the first of two.  I hope you enjoy it.  She was quite a character.

 After discussing several prospective blogging titles, I was assured by my personal blogger advisor, that I should definitely go with the one I am about to discuss.  "Just make it funny", was the remainder of the advice.  So, I will do my  best.

My dear friend, Betty, is always cold. "Just look at my hands."  She says this after saying "Just feel my hands", and placing her hands in mine, so I can, indeed feel how cold she is.  She continues, "My hands, they look like white bones. Just look at them."  She continues this conversation for several more minutes.

Maybe I should digress a little to explain exactly why she is here on a regular basis.  She has lived much of her life in and around Wooster, so most of her family is here, namely her "little mother." Her mother is now in a local nursing home with Alzheimer's. Several years ago, her husband found work in Florida, so they moved there.  He lost that job a few years ago, and now works in Wisconsin, but they still have their place in Florida. Anyway, maybe that was unnecessary information, but he flies her back here about every six weeks or so, in order for her to be with her mother.  She usually stays with us.

Anyway, the last few times she has been here, she laid claim to my terry cloth robe.  It's the shorter style, and has a hood on it, which she tells me, she likes to pull up over her head when she sleeps because it keeps her so much warmer. Now I just leave it back in "her room" so she can have ready access to it.

And now, a word about me.  I am currently in the fun phase of my life, called menopause.  Being in menopause makes your body do some weird stuff.  For one thing, my internal temperature regulator has gone berserk!  I am either freezing, or sweating.  So, in order to stay somewhat comfortable, I have several sweaters lying around.  Brrrrr, I'm cold.  On goes the sweater.  Arrrrggg. Man, is it HOT in here.  Off goes the sweater.  I don't even know how many times a day that occurs. So, I try never to be too far from my sweater.

The other day, I was wearing my yellow sweater, and Betty commented on what a nice sweater it was.  "Yes, it's handy to have around," I say, pulling it off due to a hot flash, and draping it around the kitchen chair.  "Oh, that is a very nice sweater", she repeats, while running her hand over it, and admiring it.  We talk a little more, then get busy with other things.  Later, in the evening, during a cold flash, I'm looking for my sweater, and can't find it.  It's not completely unusual that I can't find something, but usually, after looking under blankets or coats, I can locate it.  However, my  yellow sweater was no where to be found, so I pulled out my black sweater.

The next morning when Betty walks into the kitchen, I notice she is wearing my(her) white robe, and around her shoulders is draped my yellow sweater.  (Ohhhhhhh, that's where it got to, I say to myself.)  She proceeds to tell me how warm she is, except for her "bone white hands".  I'm glad she was able to stay warm, and mentally accept the fact that I will not be seeing my yellow sweater for the remainder of her visit.

The following day, as I was getting ready to leave the house and go grocery shopping,  my black sweater appeared to be "missing".  I left the house, did my shopping, and got back home.  There was Betty, fully dressed, and wearing my black sweater, underneath another vest.  She makes no apologies (none are needed), and says, "I just "found" this nice sweater.  It goes with my outfit better, don't you think? (I assume she means, than the yellow sweater), and it's warm, too!"

She eventually discards my black sweater, and I nonchalantly pick it up and put it on. Luckily, I was having a well-timed cold flash!


  1. Hehe. I love that Maxine is wearing a yellow sweater, and yet, where the photo is placed does make it seem like you are talking about you...which makes it funny.

    I'm glad you have given me the official title of personal blogger advisor. That makes me pretty special!

  2. Hi, Darlene. It's a pleasure to meet you. I love that you referred to menopause as the "fun" stage of your life and I adore Maxine. Funny is always good.

    Thanks for stopping over to my blog. I am your newest follower. I hope you will join in Friday Follow tomorrow and get more followers and find other interesting blogs.

  3. hi there!i follow you from FF! have a nice weekend!

  4. Following your From Follow Friday! Would love to have you follow me too!

    Also, come by and join our Follow Me Friday to get even more followers.

    Have a wonderful weekend! Tara @ Trendy Treehouse

  5. Oh my. I'm sorry to say I don't much have the patience for that kind of thing!

  6. I think your friend Betty is a keeper - but all this talk of sweaters in Aug is making me a tad warm! Uh-oh here comes another hot flash! xo

  7. Oh, this is hilarious! No, not the first part, where you share the news of your mom-in-law and Betty having passed away, or that you seem to have been surrounded by death and dying of late...definitely not that...but the story of poor Betty's "bone white hands" and her penchant for just loving your snug garments and quietly adopting them...that's just too funny! How lovely that you accepted that side of her so graciously.

    And, your description of being too hot, then too cold, then back to too hot...we can obviously all relate, but you really gave me a good laugh. Thank you!

  8. Very entertaining! Nice stories and memories. Good to see you back and thanks for dropping by.


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