Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Date Check

I just need to double check my calendar to see if it is, indeed, June. Yep. That's what my calendar says.  Then, why are my hands and toes freezing, and why am I wearing a stinkin' sweatshirt, for Pete's sake??  Oh yeah, this is Ohio, after all.

Several years ago, a friend who had just moved here from Alabama wanted to know when it was going to warm up.  She asked this question in March! Hahahahahaha!  I put on my "serious face".  I started to say "April", but no, it still snows sometimes in April.  Even though it's beautiful in April with all the trees blooming, and flowers are poking up their little heads to say, "We've survived the winter!" , and, even though we get a teaser week of 70 degrees, we cannot say for sure that warm weather has arrived.

Then, I started to say "May".  Now, Hubby and I got married in May, and it was the most absolute perfectly beautiful day.  However, one year later, it was so stinkin' cold, I had to pull out my big, heavy winter coat!  May is also a beautiful month with the daffodils, tulips, irises,and lilacs (ohh, I love lilacs!) all blooming.  The robins, hummingbirds, and golden finches are now a common sight.  But, in one week the a/c is needed, and the next week you are vowing that you refuse to turn the furnace back on.  I have taken my extra blanket off and put it back on our bed three times this spring!

Then I had to tell her, "Well, not May, but June.  But, on second thought, sometimes it gets kinda cold in June, too.  Definitely, July. You can count on it being warm, even hot, in July all the way through August!  Unless we have a cold spell." She turned and walked away, looking a little depressed.

This is Ohio. "You get what you get", as my granddaughter likes to say. When it gets hot and humid, we forget how miserable we were in the winter, and complain about the heat. When it's freezing, and snowy, and blowy and blizzardy, and icy, and just all around yucky, we look longingly to those hot and humid days, and vow that we will never complain about the cold. Oh, we are a funny bunch of people.

Since this is Ohio, and the danger of frost is finally over, I plan on getting myself out in the garden today, and  getting a few things planted, even if I have to wear a jacket.

I hope you are enjoying your day, no matter what kind of weather you are having.


  1. Your weatherman has a wicked sense of humour ;)

    Hope you were able to enjoy an almost perfect day out in the garden, coat and all!

    1. (My third attempt to reply on my own blog! LOL!) Haha! that is very true. However, the weatherman seems to be relenting a bit as the next few days are supposed to be gorgeous. Maybe I can start working on my "gardener's tan"!

  2. I have a hard time remember it's June too... oh no... you're passing on your loss of memory to me!!!!


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