Monday, February 7, 2011

Project 52 - Week 6

Wow! Week 6 already! I've made a little progress on my goal list. Mostly, I've been trying to just stay warm and hoping to see melting snow. My ideal way to get through the winter would be to eat about 10,000 calories on January 1, then hibernate until about mid- March or mid-April, depending on when spring actually arrives. (I would hate to miss the lovely blooming process!) And, naturally, the 10,000 calories would not be nearly enough, and I would wake up a good 30 pounds thinner. Just a thought.

Now, on to my goals:

I can cross two more books off my reading list.
Since I have a heck of a time remembering blog title isn't really a joke!... I thought it would be wise to start with this book:

It's an Evelyn Woods speed reading course. It will take lots of practice to get up to reading, say, 1000 words a minute, and that's how fast the "flunkies" read. But the way to remember what you read, that's accomplished by taking weird looking notes like this:

Yeah, I don't see that one happening.

On to book 3:

Yes, I am a fan of that crazy kook, Glenn Beck.  This is also part of #16 - becoming more informed. This is an excellent book if you are interested in the hows and whys we are now a country that is something like 16 Trillion dollars in debt. Our Founding Fathers were not fans of debt. We have done a great disservice to our children and grandchildren by not being vigilent and allowing our politicians to spend us into oblivion.We have a debt that is so large, it can never be repaid. This book is not about Democrat bashing, because, in fact, the Republicans have been just as guilty. And, let me take this small opportunity to say that we are waaaaaay past the "D" and the "R". We need to know if our "representatives" (I use the term loosely, because many of them are NOT representing us), are Socialists or Constitutional Conservatives. If you're not sure what the difference between the two are, look it up in the dictionary, and by that I mean, "google it". Who uses a dictionary anymore, for crying out loud? And, if the words "Marxist", "no private property", and "government owned" don't scare the living daylights out of you, then, you need to learn more about our the Founding Fathers.

#7. I've been thinking about making the jeans blanket. I think it's something I need to get started on while it is still cold outside!

#10. I hosted a Stampin' Up party last week. The original date had to be cancelled due to a wonderful winter storm. Another storm came in the day after I had my party. I had my best party ev - er. (Thanks, Mom, for bumping me up to the next level. Love You! )

#31. I get to cross this one off my list thanks to Sweet Hubby. He spent the day cleaning and organizing the basement. I intended to help him, but I think he was able to get more done without my help.

#45. I know I have houseplants (plural) on my list, but I really only have one plant that I'm concerned about, and that's my Christmas Cactus. It was loaded with blooms at Christmas, but only three actually bloomed. Maybe next Christmas, it will be loaded with blooming blooms!

That pretty much sums up my accomplishments for the past two weeks. I hope you are making progress with your list. What? You haven't got a list? The year is just getting started, you have plenty of time. Head on over to Jennee's blog  or Karen's blog to find out more about it!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and congratulations on achieving some of your goals this week too! Yay especially for getting hubby to clean the basement!

  2. Ambrose used the Evelyn Wood book too. It has been a great time/life-saver with him being in school.

    He cleaned my basement too, but it took a lot longer... Thank heaven for husbands.

    I worry too about how willing people are to give up liberties just to feel a little "safe". They just don't understand that by giving up the first guarantees that we'll never have the second. I find it frustrating. It's as if they want to be lead around by the nose because the government will take care of them. Okay, I'll step down now before I talk too much.

    Glad that y'all made it through the blizzard and you're crossing so many things off your list. Keep up the good work.

  3. I think I need to look into that speed reading book. I used to be really fast when I was younger. Now - not so much.

    My grandmother made me a jeans quilt years ago. She backed it in red flannel. I love it. It's very warm.

  4. I think I need to check out the speed reading book.
    My girlfriend made me a jeans blanket, and I love it. You should go for it.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Cheers!

  5. Congrats on crossing off a few items from your list. As for speed reading, that really isn't my problem. Lately I've been falling asleep every time I sit down and try to read. Let me know if you find a book to solve that problem!

  6. Me, again. I have a technical question. How did you cross out the items you completed in the list on your sidebar. I have a similar list, which I created using the list gadget, and it won't accept the strikeout HTML codes (an s inside <>, can't do it here either). Any advice?

  7. Mom, you're too cool. You actually get more comments on your blog that I do. Maybe I should make a check out my amazing mom button. Anyway, nice political speech. :p So proud!

  8. My reading comprehension sucks. Kind of ironic for a writer. It always has. I need to find some ways to remember things better.

    I also need to read more Glenn Beck. I've only recently discovered how much I really love him.


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