Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yay for Me!

There are few words that I enjoy hearing more than when Hubby says "You're right!" It doesn't happen all that often, so I truly relish those words when I hear them. I usually make him say it twice!

Saturday was just such an occasion. Hubby is extremely hard on work shoes. If he gets more than six months out of them, he's happy. If more than a year, he's ecstatic. The time had finally come for him to replace his work shoes. They had a hole in sole, for crying out loud.

I went with him to the local Tractor Supply Store. He found the shoes he wanted, and bought them. As we were leaving the store, I said, "Didn't you buy some kind of warranty on your original shoes? Like, they had to last so long, or you'd get a free pair?"

He said, "You know, I THINK YOU'RE RIGHT!"  (Emphasis mine!) So, as soon as  we got home, he started searching through his warranty folder. (He's so organized, it's a bit annoying.) "Look! Here it is! Right here. If they don't last two years, I get a free pair. Now, how long have I had these?" 

With our luck, we expected that we would be one week over.

We checked the dates, and, he had those shoes for 14 months! So, he packed up the old shoes and the warranty, and while he was at it, he also took the receipt for the new shoes so he could sign up again. 

It wasn't long until he was back home with a second pair of new work shoes. Unfortunately, the program was discontinued. Guys that are really hard on their shoes were signing up for the warranty left and right. It didn't take the shoe company long to realize that if they didn't stop it, they would soon go broke.

It doesn't take long to lose that "new shoe" look!

You're welcome, honey. You can say those three little words that I love to hear anytime you want to.  You. Are. Right.


  1. Cool Darlene! Glad you like the snow man button! It looks great on your blog.

    One note... when you were grabbing the code, I think you forgot to copy the very first few letters. That is why the code is showing up above the image. If you open the gadget, just type in the phrase <a with a space after it before the part that says target="_blank" and you should be all set! (or just copy the code again!)

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Wish they still had the whole free shoes, sounds like between the both of us, we'd put them into the red just by ourselves. Is your DH hard on clothes too? Mine sure is.


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