Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thanks to my amazing daughter, Jennee, www.jenneethompson.com for writing a blog for me.  I've been a little preoccupied with my granddaughter, Sweetie Pie, aka "the Holy Grandchild". She is a cross between Pollyanna and the tasmanian devil. Kinda. That doesn't sound very nice, but what I mean is that she is perpetual motion, and she's as sweet as she can be. She doesn't stop moving from the time she gets up (7:30) until she drops asleep (10:00 - 11:00).It's almost 10:00 now, and she's watching "101 dalmations" with her "boyfriend" Uncle B. Her mom claims she goes to bed at 8:30, but, when she's with us, she is no where near ready to go to bed at 8:30. (Maybe that is partially our fault, but I'll deny it!)

She is in love with Uncle B. He talked to her on the phone today, and all she did was make funny noises. (She's four.) When I asked her why she didn't talk to him, she said, "I just get so excited that I can't talk".

And, 10:00 at night is not my best time. (yawn)  My brain is ditzier at night, so I apologize for the dis-jointedness of my blog.

We have a small crisis on our hands. Tomorrow we must look for "baby jaguar". He's been missing for three or four days now, but she's had new, tiny, puppies (of the dollar store variety) to sleep with, and they have replaced baby jaguar. However, when she goes home, she'd better have baby jaguar.

My poison ivy keeps rearing its ugly head, but it's not too bad, just annoying. The garden did not get washed away from all the rain, and I hope to give a full report, along with pictures in the near future.

Good night. I'll try to write a better blog next time!

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  1. She kind of sounds like Pippy Longstocking. Precocious, but well-intentioned.

    I always let my nephew stay up late when his parents are gone. But then, I don't believe he has an early bedtime either.


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