Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our Infamous Camping Trip Part 3

This is the third and final installment. And also, FYI, I'm going to gone for about 3 weeks. Hubby and I are traveling west with our SIL and BIL. We're gong to Missouri, Utah, SD, ND, and MN. I'm looking forward to having a vacation. Not sure if I'll be able to blog, so just in case....

Now, back to our camping trip!

On Sunday morning, after our little church service, we decided to take the boys swimming.  We took the five-mile drive to the beach, but when we got there, J.T. and B.D. were not interested in going into the water. They would not even let their feet get wet! Hubby played with J.T. in the sand, while I held B.D. while he took a nap. B.D. had not been sleeping for very long, when it started raining again, so we grabbed the boys and headed to the truck. It just sprinkled for just a little while, so when it finished, we tried swimming again. This time the boys were more willing to go into the water. They wouldn't go very deep, so hubby and I sat in about six inches of water and played with the boys. The wind was blowing and the sun kept hiding behind the clouds, so we finally left because we were freezing!  We drove the five miles back to camp, and got dressed into warmer clothes. But, then, we didn't have anything to do, and Hubby was going crazy with boredom, (this was before he learned how to relax)so we got back into the truck and drove five miles back to the beach and got ice cream cones! After a while, Hubby thought it was going to rain again. I thought he was crazy. There was no way it was going to rain again. We got back to the campsite just before a down-pour! It rained for quite a while, and when it finally quit, Hubby got a beautiful camp fire going. (He had suspected that it might rain, so we wisely put some wood where it would stay dry.)

I was the "veteran camper". We always camped when I was growing up, and I told Hubby that the best part of camping was sitting around the campfire at night, enjoying the fire and watching the stars. That was our goal, to have a campfire.

So, Hubby got a beautiful fire going. We finally had a campfire. But, we barely had time to enjoy it when it started raining again! When  the rain finally quit the second time, we had no more fire, and some damp wood. Hubby tried to get a fire started with damp wood, but finally gave up. Then he tried using charcoal. That took longer yet. The fire finally smolderred enough that it eventually started itself, but it was never really a true campfire.

After supper, Hubby wanted to fish a little. So, we all piled into the truck and went looking for a fishing spot. We finally found a place where he could cast out a few lines.  He started fishing. He cast out a line, waited, reeled it in.  Cast out a line, waited, reeled it in. No nibbles. No bites. Then, J.T. wanted to fish, too. So hubby cast out a line, then J.T. reeled it in. On the third cast out, J.T. reeled in not one, but two fish! (He was using a double hook.) That made the whole trip worthwhile! Little J.T. was so excited. However, Hubby did not like the fact that J.T. had caught two fish, while he hadn't even gotten a nibble, so we packed up the fishing gear and went back to camp to get the boys ready for bed.

Hubby and I played another game of Scrabble, which he won. Grrrrrr.  We never did get to have a campfire. Everything was too wet. And, that night, J.T. managed to wet the bed and fall out of bed, again! End of third day. (Sunday)

Hubby probably made 100 trips to get water in the three days we were there. Every time he got water, J.T. would get into it before I finished washing the dishes. He washed the camper, the truck, the camper again, and anything else he thought needed washing.

We originally had planned to stay until Wednesday, but on Monday morning, we packed up camp at record speed and took off. We didn't even eat breakfast! We stopped along the way and got some rolls and juice.

To top it all off, on the way home, I got sick. I didn't get the truck door opened in time and barfed all over the door! I was trying to clean up the mess while Hubby sat in the truck with the boys, with his ears plugged, trying to sing to drowned out the barfing noises, and dry heaving.

We got home before noon with no desire to ever go camping again!  And, 30 years later, we still have no desire to go camping!

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  1. Wow, what a trip.

    What part(s) of Missouri are you headed for? I might know some good places to go. Haven't lived in Utah for a long time but I have family out there and they might know good places to stop too.

    Sounds like lots of fun going with family and seeing the world. At least there will be more than you and your DH to play scrabble this time. (lol) Have a great time. Can't wait to see pictures.


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