Saturday, June 19, 2010

No, I am not trying to steal this car!

Here's a short yet slightly humiliating story. I learned something very important.

Last night, Hubby and I stopped at a Sears store at the mall. They are having a big sale on drills, and he wanted to get one. Nothing is more boring to me than looking at power tools, so I had planned to stay in the car while he ran in to make his purchase.  My Amazing Daughter called on my cell phone just as we pulled into the parking lot.  As Hubby got out of the car, I subconsciously noticed that he grabbed the keys and locked the doors. I briefly thought, "I hope I don't need to roll down the window before he gets back", then continued on with my conversation.

The conversation ended, so I picked up my crossword puzzle book and started working on a puzzle.  I was on quite a roll, filling in almost every blank without having to look in the back for the correct answer.  (O.K. I admit, it was a book of easy crosswords, but it did sound impressive for a split second, didn't it?) I digress. The car started to feel a bit stuffy, and I knew I couldn't roll down the window, so I opened the door, which was locked.  BIG MISTAKE.

That dumb security horn started blaring.  HONK!            HONK!                 HONK!      HONK!
Oh snap! How do I turn that thing off?  I start looking around the dashboard, pushing every button I see, hoping it will stop the noise.  I decided to text Hubby, hoping he was close enough to hit the panic button to stop the racket.  Then the horn starts honking in different rhythms, rhythms I've never heard before and hope to never hear again!  HONKHONKHONKHONK     HONK      HONKHONKHONKHONK  HONK
It was horrible! It's hard to think with that much noise going on. Then I decided to pull out the car manual and look it up, but didn't know quite what to look under.  HONK    HONK    HONK  I'm still trying to find the "off" button on the dash. (Turns out there isn't one!)  I decided to call Hubby again. Just as I finish dialing, way in the distance, I see him coming.  (He said as soon as he heard the honking he knew it was me. What? Why?  Oh well, he was coming.)  Then I turned to my right, and saw a police car, and a police man (was his hand near the gun?? I can't be sure, but, maybe.) walking toward me.  I turned my head a little more to the right, and saw another police car! TWO police cars?  How embarrassing!

I looked up from the car manual on my lap, and said rather sheepishly, "I don't know how to turn it off!"  He said, "So, you're not trying to steal this car?"  Ummm, No, sir.  Thankfully, Hubby arrived about the same time as the police. Of course, it would have been much better if he had arrived first!  But, he vouched for me, and turned off that blaring honking!

So, a word of advice. If you ever find yourself sitting inside a locked car, make sure you unlock the door before opening it! Duh!


  1. I love that you said Oh Snap!

  2. OMGosh...what a pain. The blaring of the honking alone would have drove me crazy! I would've told the cops to arrest me to get away from it. haha

  3. Oh lordy! How funny! Sure it wasn't so hilarious at the time, but it sure makes for a great story, huh?

    I got locked in my own car once. It was bought as a used vehicle, and I was never told there was a security system. Found THAT out the hard way! I sat in the stupid thing, unable to open any windows or doors--even though I had the key!--for about two hours before my boyfriend finally was able to get me out!

    Glad you got out, and least it was a little excitement, right?! :)

  4. If the alarm in my car is set and I unlock the door without the keys in the ignition, the alarm starts blaring. Found that out the hard way.

    At least your husband showed up right around the time the police did and kept you from having to do too much explaining!

    Especially since I'm sure you look like the average Wooster car thief!

  5. Please don't hate me for laughing. That is exactly something that would happen to me; that's why DH keeps the AAA paid.

    Someone's alarm is going off in our neighborhood somewhere right now. (lol)

  6. That's hysterical - sounds like the kind of thing I would do. Snort. Never even thought about an alarm going off if the door is locked while you're inside and you open it - hmmm....note to self - remember this! My Devoted Spouse also gets the glazed eyes when power tools are involved. I've learned to drop him off at Sears while I go shop elsewhere. Thanks for the giggle!

  7. Oh my goodness, that has happened to me and though it seems funny now, at the time it was horrendous. I am suffer a little from claustrophobia and no matter how I tried to calm myself down or ignore the fact that the doors and windows were locked, panic set in and I grew hotter and hotter until I had to remove my coat, my cardigan ... thank goodness husband appeared before panic caused me to remove anything else! (Silly I know but he isn't allowed to leave me in the car any more without keys!)

  8. Oh my gosh! This is something that I swear would happen to me!!!!! Thank you for sharing this! Two police cars? My face is red just thinking about this! Very funny. Did your Hubby give you that look? My hubby always gives me the Ricky Riccardo "Lucy, you got some 'splaining to do!" makes me wanna smack him!!!LOL Blessings, Joanne


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