Tuesday, August 11, 2015

In One Week

Things have been a little busy around here.  Hubby had a week off of work, so he built a garage. His first one ever.  All by himself. It's still undecided if my contributions were helpful or a hindrance. If he told me to go up, I'd go down.  If he said go to the right, I'd go to the left.  I don't do it on purpose, it's just that our brains think in totally opposite ways.  I do try.

Last summer we put in the foundation for our garage.  We did hire someone to dig the foundation and lay the block.  We scheduled the cement truck to come, which turned out to be on the same morning as his aunt's funeral.  The funeral started at 11:00, the cement truck came at 8:00.  The goal was to have the cement truck guy take his attachment and go around the foundation, filling in the  openings on the top of the blocks.  But this guy was a bit of a butt, and said he couldn't do that.  He wasn't too willing to let us fill up our five-gallon buckets and hand pour it all into the blocks. He said it couldn't be done. He had seen a crew of three men unable to do it.  Well, he had not seen us work.  Hubby told him to start it up, time's a wastin'.  We had a funeral to get to.  (And, now, we had a point to prove!) We carried bucket after bucket after bucket, barely stopping for breath.  When I faltered a little, my job was to smooth off the tops, and scrape off the sides.  Hubby just kept going.  The guy had to be impressed, seeing two old people run around like that. And, yeah, we finished, showered, and got to the funeral with just a few minutes to spare.

We intentionally let the foundation sit all year, so the ground could settle. Friends have asked us if we were ever going to build the garage. We have a plan, people! The inspector was out last month just to check in on our progress.  I told him we planned to build it in August.  He said he'd check back next year.  Oh ye of little faith!

So, this is what we have been up to:
Day 1 - Framing

Hubby in action

Day 1 = Framing complete

Day 2 - Rafters

Sorry for the blurriness

Day 3 - Roof and sides getting covered

Day 3 - Windows, doors, and headers added

Day 4 - All covered, shingles delivered, ready for inspection.

Day 5 - Windows installed, all wrapped, and ready to leave for a family gathering

Day 6 - Roofing

Day 7 - Roofing complete

The next goal is to lay gravel, and pour cement.  That will probably happen next week.

I hope you are reaching your goals.

Till next time,


  1. As always, I had a good laugh at your humorous inserts, Darlene, starting right at the beginning with your brains thinking in opposite directions :)

    I am so impressed with your Hubby's skills...the garage looks amazing! So neatly executed and seemingly done in double quick time, especially considering he built it himself...with your dubious assistance ;)
    In SA, we use baked bricks or cement blocks for construction. Wooden framed buildings are quite rare, by comparison, so building a garage here would take quite a bit longer with only one person doing it.
    Please do show us the fully completed project, once the gravel and cement have been laid and poured:)


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