Monday, July 20, 2015

Happy National Hammock Day

Did you even know we had a "National Hammock Day"?  Honestly, who comes up with all these "National-something-ridiculous-to-celebrate Day"?  Maybe it's just someone desperate to come up with blogging material! Although, I have no problem with National Donut Day or National Ice Cream Day.  Just sayin'.

This is how my hammock looks this morning. Wet and soggy.  Our rainy days have out-numbered our sunny days this summer. (However, someone told me that our June was the hottest June on record. I think they're lying!) The last beautiful day I remember was July 4, which was perfection.  We had rain before that, and, it seems, it has rained every day since.  But, I digress. It's National Hammock Day, not National Complain About the Rain Day.

I have been able to use my hammock a few days this summer, and, let me tell you, it is glorious.  The other day our daughter was enjoying our hammock. She comes over more to use the hammock than to see us I think. She said, "When you and Dad die, can I have the hammock?"  Uhh, sure! But, I hope we out live the hammock!

Anyway, if you are fortunate to have a hammock, I hope the weather will cooperate and allow you to enjoy the awesome feeling of being suspended in the air, gently rocking back and forth, with a lovely breeze, snort zzzzzzzzzz

1 comment:

  1. Oh, that looks so comfortable and what a lovely view! You have your own slice of paradise right there, Darlene!


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