Thursday, November 29, 2012

What I've Been Up To

Did a very scarey photo show up in the newsfeed? I'm sorry about that. I just thought you might enjoy seeing my attire as I play on the computer. I have a lovely view out of my curtainless window. However, believe it or not, this window gets both the morning sun and and afternoon sun. I hate the thought of curtains, because I love looking out the window. But, the blaring sun makes computer work a bit difficult. Hubby has a few hats hanging on a hat rack nearby, so I grab the one closest to me, plop it on my head, and type my little fat fingers off.

So, this is me. 

I hate trying to take a photo of myself for a myriad of reasons. Number one, I feel like a dope looking into the camera. Can you feel the awkwardness? Number two, when I finally decide on a pose, and push the button, I always hit the power button and turn off the camera. Grrrr. And Number three, I can never figure out how that old woman gets on my camera. 

I helped Hubby this morning with a gutter install this morning. When I got home, I stripped off all my layers of clothes for outside work, and am now sitting here in my long johns, and Hubby's hat. I've polished off three a graham cracker with Nutella.

I'm enjoying my new job, working at the library. Despite what you may think about library work, especially with automation, it is not a cake walk. And, it's close to torture, being surrounded by so many books, and not having time to do anything but discharge them and get them back on the shelves. Here's a little secret...there are some crazy people that come to the library. Shhhh, don't tell anyone I said that! Did you know, that at our library, patrons can have up to 99 items checked out at one time? That's nuts! Who can keep track of 99 items? But, I guess that's not my problem!

Hubby brought home our Christmas tree a day ago. Earliest we've ever had one. It's still naked, and sitting in the middle of the room. I'm not exactly sure where it's going, as this is our first Christmas in this house, and I've barely thought about the Christmas tree. We usually don't put one up until a week or two before Christmas, but Hubby thought it was a nice tree, and got a good deal on it, to boot. 

We've also been at war with German roaches. I won't post a picture of those nasties, but I hope you never get them. They are boogers to get rid of! About the time you think you've won the battle, they show up and taunt you and let you know they are still alive!

In spite of talking about roaches, my chocolate juices are in full swing, so I think it's time to make some brownies. Stop on over, and if I haven't eaten them all, I'll share one with you!

Till next time,


  1. Try spreading around some diatmaceous earth for those nasty bugs. We get those here too. It seems to work. Fortunately, I don't care for Nutella. Unfortunately, I do care for Trader Joe's Cocoa Almond Spread. And graham crackers. LOL LOVE the hat!

  2. Lovely pictures mother. The hat suits you.

  3. Even with the hat ya look good to me.

    If you are interested here is my solution to a roach problem:

    Cranky Old Man

  4. I think you look fabulous, but I feel the same way when I see photos of myself. Who is that old woman and how did she become me? Hope you get rid of the roaches. EWWWWW!!!!


  5. Hi Darlene. This post didn't show up on my blog roll - hence my late visit. Loved those photos of you, although I was disappointed that the pink feather boa didn't put in an appearance! Seriously, you look great my friend. Glad you're enjoying your job at the Library. Take care.


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