Friday, December 16, 2011

To Keep You Entertained

I'm still helping hubby on the attic remodeling job. The past two days have been filled with insulation - icky, itching stuff - and drywall. Why is it that the super heavy stuff has to go on the ceiling??? Talk about back breaking work. Good thing I have a strong back. Hubby did promise me an appointment to get a massage when this job is over, and trust me, I will be making that appointment.

So, the other morning, we were making our rounds to Home Depot and Lowe's, the official homes-away-from-home during remodeling projects. We had left very early in the morning, and as I got into truck after we made our purchases, I saw my reflection in the truck window.

I said to hubby, "Can you tell I didn't do my hair this morning? It's a good thing I have short hair. And, while we're discussing my hair, can you tell that I didn't put on any make up?" 

"You look beautiful," he said without looking at me.

"Thank you, Sweetie, but you didn't even look at me."

"I don't have to yada yada yada.... Oh my goodness", he said, while looking down at his pants, "how long has my zipper been down?"  

"I don't know, I haven't looked at you either!"  

"Yeah, just like the time you let me go to church and you didn't notice that I hadn't combed my hair till half way through the service!"

Note to self: We must start looking at each other more often, especially, the older we get! If only to prevent embarrassing situations!!


  1. I had all kinds of things to say about men and not paying attention. Until you mentioned the zipper. Now I've got to pick myself up off the floor from laughing!

  2. We are the exact same way!!!! I hope you have a great massage.

  3. Thanks for the big laugh. I love it. Since I am single, I have to check myself out before leaving the house. LOL

  4. That's pretty funny!

    At least you remembered to get dressed, right?

  5. This is the best post to end my year of blogging. From tonight, I'm taking a break so I can get myself in order :) I have SO enjoyed getting to know you this year, Darlene. You know by now how much I love your sense of humour and the wonderful posts with which you entertain us. I will be back to play catch up in the new year. Till then, stay safe and have a WONDERFUL Christmas :) Big hug xoxo

  6. I'm so glad Phil and I are not the only ones that do this. haha this made my day!


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