Monday, December 12, 2011

Lots of Singing and Rambling

That's a lame title, but titles are not my strong suit. Really, I may be doing more rambling than anything else. It seems, that's what I do best.

What to ramble about first. Decisions, decisions. OK. It's Project 52 Report Day. I'm quite confidant that I will not be crossing anything more off my list for this year. This will make it easier to come up with a list for next year. I'm thinking of a few new things, but you'll just have to wait until January to find out what they are! I hope you will join me (and Jennee and Karen) next year. You know what they say about having a buddy system, don'tcha? Remind me, because I've forgotten.

The second ramble is about my fun weekend. Hubby and I drove for six hours, all the way up to freezing cold Michigan, to go to a Gaither Christmas concert with Hubby's sister and her husband. We have never been, what's the word? - fans - of the Gaither's, but we were told that we would not be disappointed if we went to their concert. Guess what? They were right. We had great seats - only six rows back. We certainly got our money's worth, because the concert lasted 3 1/2 hours. Unfortunately, I did not take my camera. 

Let me see if I can find videos of my two favorite songs. Not only favorite songs from the concert, but my all-time favorite Christmas songs.  This will only take a moment. haha - who am I kidding? I hope to finish this before the night is over!

"Mary did you know?" This song give me chills, every time I hear it. Written and sung by Mark Lowry.

And, if you're still in the mood for goose bumps, listen to David Phelps sing "O, Holy Night"! I had never heard him sing before, but, let me just say this, every time he finished a song, you couldn't help but jump to your feet when he finished! A-May-Zing!!

You wanted to stand up and cheer when he finished, didn't you?? You just can't help it!  And, while I'm rambling, just ignore the fact that may signature thingie is in the wrong place. I can't get it to go where I want it to go.

One more little ramble. My blogging/visiting schedule may be a little sporadic, in case you hadn't already noticed. Hubby has me working again, hither and yon, guttering, dry walling, and sanding,(YUCK!!!) among other things. He just does not think that blogging has a higher (dang, I just lost the word....oh, found it) priority than making money for things like food, shelter, and heat.

Till next time!  
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  1. ok, ok, i got goosebumps on both songs.

  2. You're a good rambler! And you even chose the best songs and vocalists too!

  3. I've often thought of Mary and the magnitude of her calling. I can't imagine the thoughts that went through her mind holding that sweet little boy, our Savior, God's only begotten son, Jesus the Christ. Bless her.

  4. Not a Gaithers fan per say but, I love David Phelps. Did you know he has the world record for how many octaves he can sing? Amazing! I love the song Mary did you know. Which is sad since I can't stand Mark Lowery. I know that sounds harsh. I know him personally and he's not a nice guy. Pretty conceited. My mom babysat him as a kid and then he worked for my grandpa for a while. Long story. But that is my all time favorite song. :)

  5. Darlene, I really do LOVE your ramblings and this was a treat. I smiled from start to finish. Are you even aware of just how amusing you are? I will listen to both songs when I have time. My husband has the same approach to priorities as yours :) Big hug...oh, now look at me! I'm covered in sand and bits of wet cement!

  6. Oh Holy Night is my favorite Christmas makes me cry every time! This was beautiful, thank you.
    blessings, Joanne

  7. I guess it is not very nice of me to feel relieved when someone else also has trouble making things on their blog go where they should! Nor does my husband put blogging in a 'high priority' classification.
    Word search...happens way to frequently. sigh...

  8. 3 and a half hours for a concert? You're lucky you didn't develop deep vein thrombosis. Take it easy, don't work too hard.

  9. That sounds like a cool concert. Anything that involves Christmas tunes is usually a good thing, I think. :-)

    Can't wait to see your list for 2012!


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