Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickeled Peppers

I grew up saying the tongue twister:"Peter Piper picked a peck of pickeled peppers. How many pecks of pickeled peppers did Peter Piper pick?" Until recently, I had never thought about how one goes about picking pickeled peppers. 

My recent experience has been that peppers must first be picked and then they are pickeled. If you can stand yet another blog about produce, here goes.

It all started when I pickeled some banana peppers. I shared the recipe here. It's a secret family recipe, so "shhhhhhh". Anyway, Hubby and Amazing Daughter LOVE banana peppers. I like them, too, but not like they like them.

In case you haven't guessed by now, we like to do things in a big way. I'm from a big family, and Hubby is from a bigger family, so it might just be in our blood. I found myself up to my elbows in banana peppers.

You'd be out of focus, too, if you
had chopped all these peppers!
So, after being buried in veggies from the auction, Hubby had to leave for the week to do some work for his brother. But, while he was gone, he called me every evening, as he always does, when he has to be away.

Hubby: It's about time you answered your phone. Don't ya wanna talk to me?

Me: Yes, I do. You know I can never find that dumb phone anywhere. Just be glad I heard it ring this time.

Hubby: Yeah, whatever. I don't know why you can't hear it ring. Anyway, I was thinking about those peppers, and then I thought "I'll bet those carrots would taste good, pickeled", what do you think?

Me: That's a good idea, Sweetie. I'll work on those tomorrow. And, we have so many green beans, that I thought about trying to make "Dilly Beans".

Hubby: That's a brilliant idea. Good night, my love. You need to get a good night's sleep.

Hubby: Hello, my Love. You know, I got to thinking, remember when you made those pickled onions last year? Yum. Those were so good. And, I saw a recipe for pickeled asparagus. Oh, I'll bet those would be really good.

Me: So, my Precious, you want me to pickel some onions, huh. I can do that, we have plenty. Yeah, pickeled asparagus sounds good, too. I think I can manage it.

Hubby: That would be fantastic!

Hubby: Hello Sweetheart. How's the pickeling coming along? What about pickeling Brussels Sprouts and beets? I can't stop thinking about all the good things that we should try to pickel.

Me: Yes. Dear. Now, when you say "we", do you mean "me", because, I don't know how WE are going to get all this done when you aren't HERE!

Hubby: Of course I mean "you". Remember, 'your back, my brains'?

Me: Yeah, yeah, we're going places! Stop calling me.

So, I have discovered that nearly anything can be pickeled. However, I would not recommend pickeling Brussels sprouts, unless you enjoy chewing tennis balls.  

And, just for the record, Hubby did help me with chopping some of the veggies, in this case, Brussels sprouts, before he had to leave.


  1. I love pickled asparagus.. mmmm actually I love just about anything pickled. I am once again in your debt for making me hungry (there goes all my hard work to lose my weight) and jealous (an emotion I don't suffer from often.) So i hope you are proud of yourself. I'm going to pour a little vinegar on my arm and start gnawing on it. Sigh

  2. I have a recipe for pickled asparagus but I have yet to try it out. When I pick up the phone and it's Hubs and he says, "Hello My Love" I become immediately suspicious. LOL

  3. Wow that is a lot of pickled veggies :)))

  4. They all look so pretty in those jars!! You must have tons of energy, how on earth do you get it?

  5. I love pickles and your impressive hoard has me drooling! What an enterprising little worker bee you are! I so enjoyed being a fly on the wall to your nightly conversation. You have a great sense of humour and a great knack for telling stories in a most entertaining way. Loved this!

  6. OH wow, those are tempting me to try my hand at pickling...mmm maybe not. Well maybe. Well, I'll let you know. In the meantime it all looks delicious and how nice of your husband to help chop!


  7. Pickled green tomatos. Heaven on Earth!

  8. Wow! At this rate, you're going to end up pickled yourself. Good luck!


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