Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Girl Just Wants to Have Fun...and Maybe Win Some Makeup

A few days ago, I introduced you to a wonderful lady, and dare I say, friend? blogger/author-of-a-new-book, Carol Wyer. And, I told you she's having a big party on September 16 to celebrate. (Did you check out her blog, Facing 50 with Humour, and register for the raffle? You could win a kindle!! If not, go there right now!! I mean it.) Do I sound threatening? Yeah, my kids never thought so either.

Anyway....I did not tell you that she is having a contest which involves mini-skirts. Supposedly, women over a certain age...can still wear mini-skirts. I'm not sure I agree completely with that, but, I have seen some contestants who look pretty good. The prize for this contest is some fabulous wrinkle erasing cream. Quite pricey, I believe, out of my price range.

Well, let's get right down to it. Yes, I decided, against my better judgement, to try to win some make-up.  Oh, the "lengths" I'll go for a prize!

After seeing my competition, I decided I would have to "take it up a notch". (haha get it??) Not my skirt, but the originality. I don't even own a mini-skirt, for Pete's sake. In fact, my "mini-skirt" is really a regular skirt hiked up to my armpits. 

So, I enlisted the help of my amazing daughter, and we had a photo shoot. 

Since Carol's book is entitled "Miniskirts and Laughter Lines", I decided to focus on the "Laughter Lines".  

You'll have to go here to see the photos I submitted.

I believe I'm #18. Remember that number because I believe that you will have the awesome opportunity to vote for me on September 16! I feel like I'm on American Idol jumping up and down saying "pick me! pick me!", while holding up my fingers to make an 18. (No, I don't have 18 fingers, in case you're wondering.)

What you are about to see are some of the rejected photos.

So, here are here goes nothin' on an empty stomach...drum roll...turn away now, if you have eaten recently....(and, fyi, that bottle of wine I'm using is full and corked, and not empty. Pretty frightening, huh?)

Taking a moment to check out my flowers
OK. Enough of that ridiculousness. On to an attempt at classy, inspired by Judy Garland. I thought briefly, like a nanosecond, about showing a picture of Judy Garland, but, any comparison would just be, well, there would not be a comparison.

Swanee, Swanee, how I love you...

Am I impersonating a flamingo??
I toppled over after this shot... 
and after this shot. I can't wear shoes with
that kind of heel. Are you kidding me?

Moving on to the "library"...

I can't read a thing with these glasses -
maybe because there's no lens

Hey, look what blog I'm reading!
Well, there you have it. A morning full of fun and goofiness, just for a chance to win some make up. I hope it gave you lots and lots of laughter lines.


  1. Loving the photos!

    Found your blog on Facing 50. :)

  2. Great fun photos Darlene. I think I should have to point out to Carol though that there was a bit of cheating going on, as it wasn't even a REAL mini-skirt! LOL! Good luck with the contest, but I think, personally, that number 10 has got it all sewn up!!

  3. Eeek this has been so much fun...finding brave hearted women with good legs willing to sell their souls for face cream and/or kindles! LOL...I myself took the chicken(leg) route and entered the joke category! Love your blog...ya know I listen to what Carol has to say and headed over here. Fun reject pics...good luck. Oh and don't tell Diane or Des I was here...they can get testy about the contest...I'm now a new follower of yours...

  4. Hi there visiting via Carol's blog! You have a great blog ... love the photos ... best of luck!! xo HHL

  5. Darlene! So nice to meet you (Thanx, Carol). It seems we have lots in common: gardens, jams and jellies, photography, Grands and Jesus. I will follow your exploits here and see what else we share.


  6. I still think you should have submitted some of these...I guess I should hop over to Carols and see what you did submit!

  7. You're such a cutie. Save those pics to share with your little cutie pie. I love the pictures of my grandma wearing a faux leopard coat during her Rosie the Riveter stage of life. My uncle was appalled. (Which of course just made it all the better!) They help to humanize us for those who didn't know us as well as they would have wished.

  8. Darlene, you are AMAZING! You have taken this competition to a whole new level with your ingenuity! And, it's clear you had a whole lot of fun doing this! Well done!!! Stunning pictures...absolutely love the various poses and guises! And I love your hairstyle (I remember when you had it cut shorter). It REALLY suits you...looks both elegant and sexy!

  9. Thisisme, I think you must have it out for me! First you try to sway votes for the cute baby bottom, then accuse me of cheating. I plainly stated that I don't own a miniskirt, so I had to improvise. I noticed that it is not beneath you to sway the judges in your favor as you were flauting Carol's book around in your picture! And, I did notice that you are, in fact, wearing a REAL miniskirt! (and you look great in it, but I think everyone should vote for #18!!!)

  10. You look funny and beautiful all at the same time!!! I love the themes you chose, too! I would love to grab a bottle and join you in the garden!

  11. You've got style! Love it. You can definitely still rock a mini-skirt.

  12. great fun photos!
    thanks for sharing.

    you look gorgeous, my friend!

    have a great day!
    betty xx

  13. I checked in the mirror and where as once I had no laugh lines, I now have dozens and dozens. And I am still getting more.

    Great pics and great mini skirt and legs. I vaguely remember those days. I had to have underwear tights to match my skirt because they were so short. Now they would not fit up one leg. More laugh lines coming, not at you, they are all at me right now.

    I will vote for 18 when you let me know and give notice to others. Hope you win lots of make-up.

    God bless.

  14. Oh Darlene - my dear friend - these are just priceless. I would have put them all up if you had sent them to me. You give off the most fabulous sense off fun and enjoyment. Thank you so much for being part of the contest and yes, everyone come and vote for her on the 16th - she's a winner in my opinion but I have to remain impatial!
    Carol XOXO

  15. Hi,
    I had to visit (stopping by from Carol's) and tell you how much I loved your pic's! So far, you are #1 in my book, nothing better than a pink boa and a bottle of wine!

  16. These made me giggle! I'm at a serious disadvantage in this competition. Sigh Phil however may have a shot!! haha He does have some sexy legs.

  17. Love your photos! Really put a smile on my face:D

  18. I am on my way over to the party now. :)



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