Monday, October 29, 2012

The Face of Intimidation

I will make another attempt to post a blog today. I think the computer gods are against me because lately, every blogging attempt has ended in disaster. Maybe "disaster" is too strong a term. Let's just say that my computer freezes up on me, causes lots of frustration, and leaves me with nothing to show for my hours at the computer!

Intimidate: to make timid or fearful; frighten. 

I've been debating with myself on whether or not I should share this little story, with the only reason being that it may not be quite as hilarious to someone who doesn't really know me personally. But, maybe I've been able to translate my personality onto my blog, and, if so, you will find this hilarious.

The other day, I was leaving the library, when a car snuck up behind me. Oh yes. It was very sneaky, and tried to run me down. Actually, turns out it was being driven by my Amazing Daughter

She informed me that she was not coming to see me, but that she was meeting a friend, so that they could go on a hike together. We were chattin' it up a little until he arrived. I asked what kind of car I should be on the look-out for. She said that it was kind of a combination of both of our cars. That was a bit confusing to me. She clarified that his car was like mine, but about the same color as hers. He arrived, parked on the other side of my car, and as he was walking over, said, "I like your car." That comment flew right over my head, because I had already forgotten that his car was the same make as mine. In my defense, his is an older model, and also in my defense, I can't tell one kind of car from another.

Amazing Daughter makes a quick introduction, we shake hands, say hello, then she orders him into the car saying, "We're wasting daylight if we're gonna go on a hike."

So, we both go our separate ways. Inside her car, he is saying, "Is that really your mom?"

"Yeah, why would I lie about that?"

"Well," he responds, "she seems so intimidating." 

Amazing Daughter bursts out laughing, and continues laughing for a good five minutes. "Why do you say that?" she asks, between guffaws.

"She just looks so sophisticated, and intelligent, and stylish... 

More laughter. "And, like a librarian? Yeah, it's the glasses." Poor Daughter could barely drive the car.

I'm sorry to say, for her friend's sake, that this story has been told many times, and it always gets the same reaction! Great, uncontrollable bursts of laughter.

My son, B.D., said it best, after catching his breath, of course. "You are about as timid as they get!" 

True story. 

Until next time,


  1. That is funny. Hm, maybe he was intimidated because he was meeting Amazing Daughter's mother....

  2. I'm glad you shared your very funny story! Good luck with conquering that pesky computer!

  3. Thanks for sharing. It gave me a laugh. :)

  4. I am having so many of the same problems with my computer. Oh and your computer should be intimidated of you. But that story was funny and you truly are stylish, at least in the pictures you share but then who cares about stylish because you have your own style which is fantastic, and are probably too stylish to be a librarian although I have seen some stylish librarians.

    And I hope you are safe from the stormy weather. Our weather maps are showing that Ohio is getting some of the weather.

    God bless.

  5. I've been told I'm intimidating, which cracks me up because if they only knew how socially anxious I get, they would walk all over me.


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