Wednesday, September 12, 2012

If it Ain't Broken, We Don't Own It!

What a year this has been, and we're still in September. It seems that everything we own has broken. Sometimes I think this should be our theme song:

We bought a little tractor this spring, and got a royal grease job from the seller. Oh yes. This tractor had been in the family for years and the son had restored it. That was their story at least. Hubby used it one time and we realized we had big, big problems. It had to be completely rebuilt - new engine, new this, new that. Now it runs like a dream, but at a much higher cost.

We have a car we want to sell. So, after I got it all cleaned up, and drove it out by the road with a "for sale" sign, I noticed that the "engine light" was on. Great. We had to take it to the car dealer to find out why. The battery was bad. Hubby said it was a new battery. The mechanic said it was a bad battery. So, we got to put another new battery in the car. And, to top it off, we got no offers on the car.

We have a walk-behind mower, and also a riding mower. Something broke on the walk-behind, don't ask me what, I can't keep up with all the mechanical language of parts. They all sound the same to me. Finally, the walk-behind was fixed, and now, you guessed it, the riding mower is broken. We've got a guy coming to look at it tomorrow.

But, I'm not done. We have a yellow box van truck, which contains our gutter machine. On our way to a job, we heard a loud pop! A hole blew in the exhaust pipe. Not to mention the spitting and sputtering for the first 30 minutes of a trip. We had that thing to the garage three times before everything was fixed on it. It finally runs like a dream.

Then my dishwasher started acting up. My new dishwasher. I had it all loaded with dirty dishes, pushed the "on" button, and nothing happened. I pushed it again. Still nothing. I pushed it again, this time with extra force. N-o-t-h-i-n-g. I hollered out to Hubby, "The dishwasher's not working!!!" So, I unloaded all the dirty dishes and washed them all.  From time to time, I'd push the "on" button to see if it would work. It didn't. Finally, we had to call the repairman. Hubby dialed the 800 number, and was on hold for 30 minutes. At last, he was able to talk to someone. For some reason, at that moment, I decided to try one more time to see if it would turn on. Oh yes. It turned on! So Hubby hung up, because if they came out to look at it, and it wasn't broken, we would be charged for a service call. So, I loaded it back up with dirty dishes, hit the "on" button, and nothing happened!  I hit it again. Still nothing! GRRRRRRRR. This dishwasher was messing with me, and I did not like it!! So, again. Unload. Wash by hand. I tried intermittently to see if it worked. Yes, when it was empty, it turned on. Not helpful. So, I ignored it for a week and tried again. It is now working just perfectly. Don't ask me what the deal is. I suspect that the dishwasher got confused. It is still under warranty, so I will not be at all surprise that the day after the warranty wears off, my dishwasher will not turn on again. It's not that I'm pessimistic, it's just that I know how things work around here. 

But, this is just the preview of the story I'm about to tell. It is a bit of a long story, and I must get busy and start scraping paint off our house. I will share Part Two of If It Ain't Broken, We Don't Own it, in the near future. You won't want to miss it!

Until next time,


  1. We named our van Maybelline after the Chuck Berry song....

  2. Oh dear Darlene. What a catalogue of woes! I'm so sorry that you have been struggling with all these things. It must be very frustrating for you and hubby. Let's hope that things turn a corner for you very soon! Perhaps a wave in the air with that pink feather boa will do the trick!! Hee Hee!!

  3. I can feel your pain. I am convinced I have a poltergeist in my house that plays tricks on us. It takes things and then when you tell it to bring it back the thing appears on the floor beside you. Very strange.

  4. Lol well you just described my life. I swear everything here has to be replaced as it is breaking. My freezer is dripping water into my fridge my stove only half works my lawn mower blew up this spring my washer and dryer are about to go out. haha I feel your pain woman. Oh did I mention both of my cars are breaking down. Good times.


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