Saturday, January 21, 2012

News Flash!

I do have a bit of news to share with you, my friends. It seems that 2012 (do you say 20-12 or two thousand 12? Just curious.) is getting off to a good start. Our very mild winter (so far!) is one example. I have not missed the snow, ice, or blustery wind one iota! (I woke up to five inches of snow on the ground this morning. BLAH!) But, the best reason that 2012 is going to be a good year is that Hubby and I are going to be homeowner's again. We are very excited about it. In fact, you might say that we are downright giddy about it. Tee hee.

I'll share how our dream became a nightmare at a later date, but now it seems like the nightmare is dissipating, and dreams are back in our lives again.

For the past three years, we have been renting from Hubby's sis. She has been anxious to sell her house, but has graciously held off until we found a place. We have been searching for three years hoping to find a place where we could finally settle. We've been to umpteen thousand (it seems) sheriff's sales, auctions, and foreclosures. Each place seemed like a good place, and usually nearly perfect for what we needed and wanted to accomplish. But, every place, for one reason or another (usually because we were outbid) went to someone else.

We trusted in the Lord, sometimes got a little discouraged with the Lord, trusted some more, asked, begged, and pleaded; questioned, and trusted some more. 

Last Fall, our prayers began to be answered. A friend had mentioned that she passed an empty house every day on her way to work. But, we were busy with other things (mostly canning and Hubby working out of state) and forgot about it. A couple weeks later, she asked if we had checked it out. This time we hopped in the car and went looking for it.

As soon as we pulled into the driveway, we started to get that warm, fuzzy feeling of first love. A little hopeful, but afraid to think about the possibilities in case nothing came of it. Mind you, this place has a face only a mother could love, but we saw great potential. We started peering into each window like peeping Toms, and excitement grew with each glimpse. (Don't worry the house was empty.) Usually, when you look inside a foreclosure, you'll find that it either has been trashed, or is full of mold, or crumbling walls that it would need to be gutted in order to be made liveable again. But not this little gem. We walked around the house, peering into each window for another glimpse. With each glimpse, we fell more and more in love. The walls were all in tact, there was no animal feces lying around, the rooms were spacious. The outside needed more work than the inside.

It's in the country but close to town, which we wanted; it has acreage, which we wanted; it has an office area, which we wanted; a basement, a decent-sized kitchen. We checked everything off our mental list. We would have preferred a 3-bedroom, but we could manage with a 2-bedroom. The road is a little busy, and the view across the road is not too appealing, but before we left, we had already started making plans on how to solve that problem, and Hubby had already envisioned how and where he was going to lay out our garden, blue blueberry and raspberry bushes, and where the beef cow, pig and chickens would go.

We called our realtor and asked him to find out what he could on the house. We had no idea how much patience we would be needing. We had no idea how much we would see God working in this process. He was with us all the way.

To be continued....


  1. Well, I must say that all this sound very exciting, Darlene! I look forward to the next instalment. It will be wonderful to have your own place again.

  2. Oh I'm so excited for you! I hope it all works out!

  3. Eeeow that sounds wonderful. I love that it was sort of serendipitous! Can't wait to see pictures. Great news!

  4. OMG- did you just leave us HANGING?! LOL

    Can't wait for the rest of the story!!!

  5. Oh, Darlene, That's Wonderful! I love to see dreams realized. Can't wait to hear the rest of the story.

    (I say two thousand and twelve.)

  6. I'm so happy for you, I can't wait to hear the rest of the story...when you will be moving, all the details!

  7. That's great news, congratulations...oh and it's two thousand and 12.

  8. That is so exciting! Congratulations!

  9. Congrats on your great news! I'm very happy for you and your husband and can't wait to see pics, I'll bet it's adorable.
    Oh, and I agree with your daughter: NICE CLIFF HANGER. >:|

  10. How lovely...I hope it all speeds up for!

  11. Congrats to you and your husband on becoming landowners and having a house. The work will just be beginning and will seem like it never ends, but it is so great because it is yours and you can do it the way you want it. I think the ghosts are going to miss you very much.

    God bless.

  12. CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is wonderful news and sounds as though it's almost perfect in terms of meeting not only your requirements but future dreams as well. I am SO happy for you, Darlene!!! And, I envy your acreage. We need a couple of those to give our five dogs plenty of space to romp and play freely and safely.


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