Friday, September 23, 2011

I'm a Geek and a Glutton

Now, when I say that I'm a geek, you may picture me as looking like this:


Or possibly, this image came to mind...sans the moustache:

(However, if you have read more than one blog, I'm sure neither of those images came to mind.)  But, it was a clever "hook" was it not? 

And, when I say I'm a glutton, you may think I look like this:

Well, when it comes to chocolate, there may be a lot of truth to that one.

However, I am really a geek for vegetables and a glutton for punishment. This is how I came to that recent conclusion.

Even though I have a garden, it only produces enough for one meal at a time, so Hubby and I usually find ourselves at the local farmers auction in order to get enough food to can.

When I arrived at the auction, and saw all the beautiful vegetables, my mouth started salivating. The colors were so vibrant, the aromas so sweet. Well, not all of the aromas are sweet. Most of the suppliers are Amish, so mixed in with the sweet aromas of fruit and freshly baked bread, is horse manure and sweat. (Most Amish do not use deodorant.) I just wandered around saying, "Oh! Look at those beautiful beans!We need those!"   "Try to get those gorgeous peaches. We need those, too!" What I didn't come up with, Hubby did.

Lovely veggies and fruit

Vibrant colors

Freshly baked bread and goodies! YUM!

Amish don't like having their pictures taken. I try
to honor that, but sometimes, I can't help myself.
So, I have to take a shot on the sly.
I try not to get their faces.

One of the good aromas - onion rings!
One moment while I wipe up my slobber.

A quiet moment

Hubby in action! Total concentration!

Here's a little snippet of the sounds...

So, that is a short explanation of my geekiness. And, now about my gluttony. 

I could be called a glutton for vegetables. but you may decide that I am a glutton for punishment.

Are you sitting down? Well, believe it or not, this is what we brought home from the auction. I warn you, the sight may be quite shocking!
The last of the tomatoes, waiting patiently to be loaded.

This is how the pick-up looked.
There's another layer underneath.

Contrary to what you might think, this is not a produce shop.
This is our basement when everything was unloaded.

Aren't the colors beautiful??

Purple beans.
I was very disappointed to see the purple disappear
as the beans were processed.

Lovely peaches for Peach Cobbler this winter.

Beautiful carrots!

So pretty! So lovely!

Are you a vegetable geek??
I was just a little busy last month!


  1. Such appealing veggies :) And yes I am!

  2. I think I may be.

    I have trouble keeping on budget at our farmer's market;)

    What beautiful produce!

  3. As soon as I saw the title of this blog post, I came hurtling over right smack you about the ears! I haven't read it yet (will do so in a moment!) but I just had to protect you from yourself, since you are definitely neither a geek nor a glutton...OK, now I'm scrolling back to actually read what you have to say!

  4. Oh, my goodness, Darlene! Firstly, what an absolutely wonderful post! I am so envious of this incredibly gorgeous market. The produce looks so perfect, unblemished and beautiful! I can completely understand how tempted you were to have it all...but, all at once? My goodness (again!)'ll be busy processing all of that for ages! I honestly wouldn't even know where to begin, since I never do any home canning/bottling/preserving, as we are able to buy fresh fruit and vegetables year round. You have a marvellous way of telling a tale and I HONESTLY felt a little flat when it came to an end! I hung on every word and every image and loved it all! Thank you so much for sharing, what to me, is a completely unique (and enviable!) experience. We don't have Amish living in SA, not as far as I am aware, anyway. I hope you'll be taking us to one of these markets again!

    Now, I want to know how you preserved all of this beautiful, fresh produce! AND, how long it took you???

  5. So very beautiful. Looks like you have your work cut out for you. I've never attended an auction, is it difficult to understand what's going on? Was it expensive?

  6. Gorgeous, beautiful colors in your pictures!! But this wasn't a regular Farmer's Market, everything was auctioned? I have never seen produce auctioned before! How on earth are you going to keep all that, it will take so much work to can it, will you freeze any?

  7. Hello! I'm one of your newest followers from the Friday Blog Hop! I would love if you could return the follow! Thank you so much!

  8. Hopping by to say HI! I am your newest follower, and I hope you will stop over to return the favor! The Busy Woman's Guide to Surviving Motherhood

  9. Wow! I would love to go there!
    Blessings, Joanne


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