Friday, November 12, 2010

Breaking and Entering to Feed a Cat

My parents recently took a vacation to Lily's home state of North Carolina. But, Lily was not invited to come along. (How Lily got from North Carolina to Ohio is for another blog.) I live only a few minutes away, so I would be keeping Lily fed, collecting their mail, and stuff like that.

Mom left the key on the dining room table for me, leaving their back door unlocked until I could get there, later that day. A good plan. Except that my Dad didn't know about the plan. He locked the door. 

Mom has been trying (unsuccessfully) for years to make sure all us kids  (there are five of us) have a key to their house. I don't have one.  So, I started calling around. Bro 3 does not have a key.  Bro 2 does not have a key. Bro 1 has a key! Yay! I'm amazed at how quickly and easily this problem has been resolved. Things never happen that easily. But, wait. I ask Bro 1 if the key is for the front door or the back door.  (Hubby has been doing some work on their house, and recently replaced the back door. Of course, Bro 1's key is for the back door. I'm not surprised. My last hope is for Sis to have a key. Yes, she does. For the back door! ACK! 

The house is locked up tight, and we certainly don't want to break anything. 
Hubby has one last hope, before we have to do anything drastic. Last year, he replaced some windows on the 2-story side (in the back, thankfully!) Mom likes to keep those windows open. Maybe, just maybe they are not locked. 

Hubby pulls out the laddder and climbs up to see. They are not locked. Happiness! So, he begins the painstaking work of inching this way, prying that way. I really don't know how he did it. I was busy looking in the grass for an earring that fell out. (Amazingly, I found it!)

He was able to get in without breaking anything, got the key, and I was able to keep Lily from starving to death. 

Later, I called Mom to tell her about the fiasco and how we averted disaster. I told her that Bro 1 and Sis have keys, but to the back door.

Her words? The back door and the front door...wait for it....use the same key!!


  1. It was more fun to read about your husband entering the house from a upstairs window then using the key on the front door.

  2. That sounds like something I'd do :-D

    I used to lock my keys in the house all the time. Each time I would break in the house to get them and then, cause it scared me how quickly I could break in the house - I would fix it so I couldn't get back in that way. Fortunately I learned to remember my keys by the time I had all the accesses locked down!!

  3. So glad he got you in the house!! Thanks for visiting my blog, 8aplenty. And for the follow. I am following you back!

  4. I think I might be my mom's only kid that has a key. Which is funny since I live the farthest away.

    Glad everything worked out without you having to break anything!

  5. lol. The things we do for our animals!!

  6. That's funny! At least the poor kitty didn't have to go hungry. We keep a spare key well hidden in the back yard and another with a neighbor just for such occasions. I hate to be locked out!

  7. It's amazing the things we'll do for our pets! My parents had to break into my house to take care of my kitties. If only cats were better travelers, we could take them with us!

    Stopping by from SITS.

  8. Ha! I have been there so many times. I have had to break into my own house 4 times in the past 2 years. Just this summer my 1 year old locked me and my 3 year old out and I had to push an A/C unit through the window and hoist the 3 year old in. Embarrassing, and scary that it is that easy to break in...


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