Thursday, July 8, 2010

Go West, Old Foggies!

This will have to be a short blog because there is a 20 minute limit on the use of the computer here at the Days Inn. 

We did not get to see a great fireworks show as I had hoped. Partly due to the was stormy with lots of lightening. We watched a few fireworks through the window of the hotel. Not a great view,but, that's life. 

Today we are in the thriving metropolis of Turrey, Utah.  There are about two hotels, one restaurant, and one gas station here.  We spent most of the day at the Capital Reef National Park.  There are some amazing sights to see in this country of ours.  Every turn seems more spectacular than the last.  Okay, so a lot of the sights are of rock formations, but, they are spectacular just the same. 

We have made it to Pike's Peak (which is NOT the highest point of the Rockies).  Since my memory is so bad, I can't remember the name of the lady who wrote "America the Beautiful" , but, she was inspired to write it while at the top of Pike's Peak. The air is pretty thin at 14,000 feet, and I found myself feeling just a bit naucous, and starting to get a headache.

We've been at the top of canyons looking down, and today we were at the bottom of a canyon looking up. In case you might be wondering, we did not hike.  We were able to drive down.

I've only taken about 600 pictures, and this is day six of our vacation. I'll have to wait to get home to post some pictures.

Since my time on the computer is limited, I'm not sure how many blogs I'll be able to visit, but I'll do my best.
I hope you are enjoying your summer, and Jennee, if you are ready this, I hope you are tending to the raspberries and the garden! (Thanks!)

Till next time!


  1. Go to Zion's park if you can. The stone bridges are beautiful. Glad you're having fun.


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