Friday, April 23, 2010

Just Call Me Farmer Dar Part 2

I thought I'd give you a little peek into what I've been doing lately. Word of warning: I'm at home, totally unsupervised, so I'm not promising that I'll get pictures posted. However, I am going to try. Apparently, millions of people have no trouble posting pictures. I, however, am not one of those people.

We've been having some unseasonably warm and dry weather here in Ohio. It has given me the itch to get some plants in the ground. Hubby and I have also decided to put out a garden (our first in over 30 years of marriage).

This garden adventure is not without its obstacles. Our first problem, was a misplaced gazebo, right in the middle of the sunniest area. So, we moved that little guy 20 feet, or so, first by pulling it with our pickup, then hubby had to hand crank the thing for the last three feet. It was a booger of a job, but hubby persevered, and got it done.

Next, we decided to get some good dirt soil, since what we have is very rocky. We called a guy to bring us some soil, but he never returned our call. So, we called someone else, who turned out to be twice as expensive. Let me tell you, dirt, I mean SOIL, is not cheap! Do I have to tell you that two days later, the first guy finally returned our call! growl.

AFTER we got the dirt, we thought it would be a good idea to check for underground wires. Yep. We've got 'em. And they're going right through our garden area. Naturally.

So, Plan B is to get more soil and make a raised garden, so we don't have to dig down and risk electrocuting ourselves. Yeah, I think that's a good plan.

In the meantime, I've got some seeds started. I think. I don't see too much happening. I'm giving them their little pep talks, but I they don't seem to be listening. I also have six blueberry bushes in pots for the patio. I'm looking forward to lots of fresh blueberries.

I've also been busy making, what I hope will be, a flower garden by the gazebo. I received a bunch of plants that needed divided, so I really don't know what I have until they start blooming. It will be like Christmas in June.

Stay tuned for Part 3.  Hopefully, I'll have a good report.  (In case you're wondering, I did have the teeniest tiniest bit of help. Almost minuscule, however, it was a very important piece of help.)


  1. So, I was scrolling through my list of blogs that I follow and I saw a picture and thought...that looks like dad's truck....and dad. posted it! With pictures! Without me! Look at you shine.

    The yard is transforming. Good job.

  2. Wow, that looks like hard work! But worth it, I'm sure :)

  3. I found you on Friday Follow. I am an Ohioian too! What part of the state are you from?

  4. I'm your latest follower through FF! I hope you'll stop by my blog at and say hello.

  5. The soil may be a bit pricey, but the fresh blueberries and other fruits & veggies will be much cheaper (and tastier) in the long run.

    I'm a new Friday Follower!

  6. It's great to have your own garden, isn't it? We just got ours started this week, but I share it with my parents, so it's HUGE! My dad goes a little overboard with the sweet corn, but he's a farmer and can't help himself. :)

    I want your gazebo. Does your hubby want to haul it a little farther? ;)

    Happy SITS Saturday

  7. Nice gardening! Kudos!
    I am following.
    You can stop by my blog at

  8. Good for you! My husband and I have never actually planted a garden. We have thought about it many, many times but have never done it. One of these days I am sure we will...

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  9. Stopping by from Friday Follow to say Hi! I am now a follower!

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  10. Wow, I'm impressed. If there's anything I can do, let me know.


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